Jeongmin Lee "I was diagnosed with menopause during a test tube… Miracle pregnancy at 41" – Chosun Ilbo VRESP

Jeongmin Lee

Announcer-turned-broadcaster Lee Jeong-min opened up about the difficult process of becoming pregnant with her second child.

In a video released on the 3rd by the YouTube channel ‘Renew CBS’, Lee Jung-min said, “It took six months from meeting my husband to getting married. My husband also made a quick decision.”

MC Joo Young-hoon said, “I am already a mother of two children.” Lee Jung-min responded, “I had my first daughter almost 6 to 7 months after I got married.”

Lee Jung-min looked back and said, “We thought it was just a natural thing, so we both raised our child with joy.” “I was greedy for work at the time. I got a call from a broadcasting station. They said, ‘I need to get in shape quickly and participate in the recording.’ So after maternity leave, I hurriedly got organized and came out,” he added.

Lee Jung-min said, “I worked in broadcasting for 2-3 years like that. When my daughter was 3-4 years old, she started talking and asked me to have a younger sibling. I tried to have a second child, but it didn’t work. For a year, I said, ‘I guess so.’ “I thought about it. One day, I went to the hospital and they told me that my physical condition was such that I couldn’t get pregnant naturally,” she confessed. The doctor recommended to Lee Jeong-min, who was in his 30s at the time, “He is already in his 40s. A quick way would be for his husband to also undergo IVF.”

Lee Jeong-min began undergoing in vitro fertilization in 2017. He was transferred to four hospitals, and suffered one miscarriage in the process. Lee Jeong-min confessed, “I heard that a procedure to scrape the uterine wall can help you get pregnant, so I tried that. I also tried anti-cancer drugs.” At the same time, she said, “I experienced hitting rock bottom with my second pregnancy. I gave up everything I was over 40 years old, and I also gave up my daughter. I put down the plan that I thought would work out like this.”

Lee Jeong-min explained, “One day, I received a call from the hospital. It said, ‘We are planning to discard your frozen embryos, but if you do not want to do so, please contact us.’ It meant to ask you to decide whether to use the embryos or not.” In response, Lee Jeong-min consulted with her husband. Her husband thought that it would be the last time, as long as Lee Jung-min was okay, so he decided to try it just one more time and call it a day.

Lee Jeong-min said, “During the 7-8 years of preparing for the test tube, I was actually diagnosed with menopause. My body couldn’t rest, but I continued broadcasting. So pregnancy wasn’t the problem, but my health itself had deteriorated so much. I was broadcasting live every morning in the morning. “I guess it was too much,” he said. Lee Jung-min later revealed that she miraculously became pregnant and gave birth to her second child at the age of 41.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung-min joined KBS in 2005. He hosted KBS 1TV’s ‘News Plaza’ as an anchor for 3 years and 6 months. He also played an active part in entertainment shows such as ‘Family Entertainment Center’, ‘Morning Yard’, ‘VJ Commando’, ‘Sponge’, ‘Live Information’, ‘Just a Few Times’, and ‘No. 1 Escape from Crisis’. In 2012, she married Park Chi-yeol, who is three years older than her, and gave birth to a daughter the following year. In 2021, 8 years later, I also had a son.

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