Kang Kyeong-jun, suspected of having an affair, failed to reach an agreement with the husband of an adulterous woman… Ultimately, a lawsuit is filed – Chosun Ilbo VRESP

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Actor Kang Kyeong-jun (40), who was embroiled in an adultery lawsuit, is expected to eventually go through formal trial procedures. He was unable to reach an agreement with Mr. B, the accuser and the husband of Mr. A, a married woman who was singled out for an affair.

According to a Star News report on the 5th, Seoul Central District Court Civil Affairs 103-3 Exclusive (Mediation) postponed the mediation performance date for the damages lawsuit filed by Mr. B against Mr. Kang and made a ‘decision not to mediate’ (mediation is not appropriate) ) was lowered on the last 2 days. Mr. Kang and Mr. B cannot file an appeal against this decision and the lawsuit will proceed as is. It was reported that Mr. B had initially announced his intention to not attend the mediation day, saying that he had no intention of reaching an agreement.

In addition, Mr. B’s side is known to have submitted a request to transfer the lawsuit, and if transfer of the lawsuit is requested in an incest-related lawsuit, it is highly likely that the background will be a divorce lawsuit between the parties and their spouses. Accordingly, there is speculation that Mr. B may have begun divorce proceedings with his wife, Mr. A, in the aftermath of this alleged affair.

Previously, on December 26 last year, Mr. Kang was sued by Mr. B for a civil suit worth 50 million won. Mr. B demanded compensation for the damages, claiming that Mr. Kang had committed an unfaithful act with his wife, effectively destroying his family. She also said that Kang committed an affair despite knowing that A was married, and she also submitted evidence to prove it.

At the time of the media report on January 3, Kang’s side denied the allegations of affair, saying, “There seems to be some misunderstanding.” The agency K-Star Global ENT also said, “It is true that we have received the complaint,” but added, “After looking at the contents, there is a possibility of misunderstanding. “We will respond sequentially,” he said.

However, on the 8th of the same month, part of the Telegram messenger conversation between Mr. Kang and Mr. A was made public, sparking a public outcry demanding an expression of their position. The story goes that the two people exchanged words such as ‘I miss you,’ ‘I want to hug you,’ ‘I love you,’ ‘I think about you,’ and ‘I want to be with you, not drinking as an excuse.’

In relation to this, the agency said, “There is nothing we can respond to regarding personal life,” and “We apologize for causing social controversy due to this incident.” In addition, he said that his exclusive contract with Mr. Kang had already expired in October of last year, and said, “We discussed extending it while filming the KBS entertainment program ‘The Return of Superman,’ but due to this incident, we decided to stop discussing extension until it was resolved.” revealed. Mr. Kang has stopped active social media activities before the controversy arose.

Meanwhile, Kang married fellow actress Jang Shin-young (39) in 2018 after five years of dating. Jang also had a son with her ex-husband, and she was called the entertainment industry’s representative lover. She gave birth to her second son the following year, and she recently appeared in ‘The Return of Superman’ with her two children. The production team of ‘The Return of Superman’ said, “There was no filming yet and there were no plans to film,” and added, “Future plans will be discussed after the incident is completely resolved.”

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