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Following the last FC Online Monitor episode, this project will look into peripheral keyboards and pads that FC Online users have probably thought about at least once. A little different from typical games where the monitor is quite important, in FC Online, control equipment such as keyboards and pads that directly control players are more important than display devices.

In fact, I’ve heard quite a few people around me say that they can feel it clearly by changing peripheral devices such as keyboards and pads, but in the case of monitors, there are many users who still use 60Hz well and show good skills. Of course, this is only relative, and this does not mean that the performance of the monitor is completely unrelated, so please do not misunderstand.

In the case of keyboards and pads, the prices are relatively inexpensive compared to monitors or major computer components, and in FC Online, they are a field that has a clear price-performance ratio, so you can’t just look at them and pass them up. Personally, I often look around the FC online community, and I see that debates about keyboards and pads from the past to the present are still going on.

This time, like last time, I have heard a lot of useful tips and advice from professional gamers as well as high-ranking influencers, from the days when the FIFA name was used to the current FC, so today I would like to ask FC online users a little about the keyboard and pad. We want to look into it more in-depth and compare directly to see which products are suitable and deliver information.

What peripheral product lines are suitable for FC Online, and furthermore, which products perform well in the game?

A steady seller among PC users

In FC Online, the keyboard is actually one of the inseparable peripherals, and users who mainly play on PC will not feel awkward using this equipment. If you look around me, 9 out of 10 people started using the keyboard, and many of my friends still enjoy playing games using the keyboard.

I also still primarily use the keyboard rather than the pad. Starting with the keyboard in the first place, wouldn’t the biggest thing be being familiar with the key arrangement and operation method? Once you get used to it, it’s not easy to change it at will. Of course, recently I wanted to use the pad as well, so I am using it as a hybrid.

The controls themselves are intuitive, so even people learning for the first time can easily access them. If you simply learn the direction keys at the bottom right and a few keys on the keyboard such as A, S, D, W, and E for passing or shooting player changes, there will be no problem in playing. Once you get used to it, you can combine control keys such as Q, Z, and C. It can be applied.

However, for users who are accustomed to this, the limited movement of the keyboard in the eight directions may be uncomfortable. Compared to the pad’s analog stick, which can change direction freely, direction change is limited, so it may be difficult for users who used the pad first to get used to it.

So how should you choose such a keyboard? Within the larger category, you can think of it as divided into membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards. Membrane keyboards with rubber rubber domes and plastic inserted, which were commonly seen at home in the past, and mechanical keyboards that operate with individual switches for each key.

In fact, if you look at recent gamers, there are a few users who use membrane keyboards, but most of them prefer mechanical keyboards, so I will explain based on mechanical keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards can be divided into three categories depending on the switches used. Click, non-click and linear. Click is the commonly known blue key that makes a cheerful clicking sound, linear is the red key with relatively low noise and light key pressure, and non-click is the brown key that is familiar to keyboard users who enjoy FC Online. These non-clicks can be more easily understood if you think of them as something between blue and red, and are perfect for beginners.

In addition, there are numerous switches depending on mechanical characteristics such as key pressure and operating point. So what mechanical keyboard is suitable for FC Online? For reference, when looking at the keyboard, be sure to check the simultaneous input function, which is important when adjusting commands or directions. Please refer to the list below by price range.

AULA F87 (tarantula)

■ Price range: 30,000 to 40,000 won (based on overseas direct purchase)

About three or four months before writing the article, I came across this shocking keyboard. AULA 87, also known as Tarantula, is a mechanical keyboard. Custom mechanical keyboard with gasket structure, 3mm response speed, 2.4GHz wireless receiver, and hot swappability. They were destroying the ecosystem with very aggressive prices in the custom mechanical keyboard market, which was well over 100,000 won at most.

▲ I am satisfied with the Tarantula keyboard I am using at home, from price to performance to design.

Thinking that this would be okay to use as a toy, I gave it a go without much hesitation. I started using it around January, so as I said, I’ve been using it for about three or four months, and I’m much more satisfied with it than I was worried, perhaps because I lowered my standards. Rather, the stability and lubrication were good, so I was more satisfied. In addition, there are many different types of switches, so you can choose one according to your taste. Personally, I ordered and used non-click (yellow), and was satisfied with it because the error rate was low and the stabilization was very well maintained.

The downside is that it is purchased directly from overseas. It took about a month from the time I purchased it. If you buy it directly from overseas, it wasn’t a big deal for me as I have experienced dozens of injuries in the past, but if you are a user who wants to purchase and use it right away, the delivery period is quite long, so consider this as well. i bought one more

Leopold FC750R Galchuk

■ Price range: 160,000 to 170,000 won (based on Danawa’s lowest price)

If I were to choose a keyboard that is said to best express the key feel of Cherry Galchuk switches, I think it would be the Leopold FC750R Galchuk. Wouldn’t this be a welcome name for FC Online users? A reliable keyboard with quick response times and virtually no key recognition errors.

It is a mechanical keyboard that is easy to use for a long time thanks to its sturdy housing and double injection keycaps, and includes all the basic simultaneous input functions. There is a little noise and the key pressure is higher than that of the red key, so if you are a user who values ​​noise and key feel, it is worth considering the low noise red key.

Corsair K70 red

■ Price range: 170,000 won (based on Danawa’s lowest price)

The Corsair K70 is a mechanical keyboard that has been seen a lot in the FC Online community. The Corsair Red Keyboard is a keyboard that has received a lot of positive reviews, so much so that the saying “If you ask about the Red Keys, look at the Corsair” is most appropriate.

Of all the red keyboards I have personally used, the keys had the softest feel and the noise was minimal. Vikey style keyboard, 104 keys full size including ten keys. In addition, the aluminum housing is highly durable, so it seems to be able to be used for a long time without any problems. In addition, you can change the keyboard polling speed to your preference, so it would be a good idea to try it out at an offline store and judge for yourself.

Razer Huntsman V2 TKL Linear

■ Price range: 180,000 to 190,000 won (based on Danawa’s lowest price)

The Laser Huntsman V2 TKL Linear is so quiet that you might wonder if this is mechanical. Tenkeyless is a product that literally excludes the number pad (tenkey) on the right side of the keyboard. It has a digital dial and media keys on the upper right, making it highly usable and low in input latency, so it lags behind other keyboards in terms of response speed in games such as FC Online. It doesn’t look like it will lose.

Emotions are like lasers. When you connect a keyboard, you can see tens of thousands of colors as RGB flows through the keycaps. If the amount of light is insufficient, how about changing the keycap? There are no major drawbacks, but the location for plugging in the USB-C type cable is biased to the left, so if you are a user whose main body is on the right, we recommend moving it to the left. It’s quite uncomfortable.

Logitech G913 TKL Linear

■ Price range: 190,000 to 200,000 won (based on Danawa’s lowest price)

This is the long-selling Logitech G series keyboard that cannot be missed in FC Online. Since the G512 product has been loved by FC Online users for a long time, most users are interested in Logitech products.

This product is definitely recommended for users who prefer a low-profile keyboard. It is a low-profile product with a low keycap height, and the keyboard layout consists of 87 keys. The wireless connection is also quite stable and convenient as you can switch the connection method intuitively. Not only does it have LED, but it is also a gaming low-profile keyboard that is rare these days, so it is a keyboard worth paying attention to.

Personally, the Micro-B 2.0 port is one of the most disappointing parts. If it had been a C-type cable, it wouldn’t have been a much more attractive product.

Varmilo VA87M low noise red axis

■ Price range: 210,000 won (based on Danawa’s lowest price)

Badger. This is Varmilo’s VA87M low-noise red keyboard model, which is already receiving a lot of love as a gaming mechanical keyboard. A low-noise red key that maintains the original key feel of the red key and minimizes noise during the input and output process when keying. It is loved by FC online users for its unique rattling feeling and low noise.

It is equipped with various functions such as infinite simultaneous input and function keys, and uses a high-strength reinforcement plate to minimize keyboard sliding. Above all, the keyboard has a very pretty design. Didn’t they say that rice cakes that look good are also good to eat? This is a design that I would want to take a picture of and show off to my friends if it was on my desk.

If I were to point out the shortcomings, there is some unity(?). For this reason, we recommend that users who want to use it properly lubricate it. Of course, lubrication is not an easy task, so you don’t have to do it.

I will conclude my keyboard recommendation by sharing the keyboard setup method of Bang Bae-woo, one of the top FC online keyboard rankers we interviewed last time.

▲ Go to Windows -> Control Panel -> Keyboard Properties and set re-entry time to ‘short’ and repeat speed to ‘fast’.

▲ Left: Automation settings / Right: Operation settings

▶ Are you curious about keyboard tips? Watch the interview with FC online influencer Bang Actor

In fact, the origin of soccer games was pads.

It has been a long time since numerous soccer games and sports games became popular. Long ago, most people would have encountered it through console game consoles. So, if you think about what peripheral devices were used at that time, nothing comes to mind other than a pad that had analog sticks and buttons and was played by holding it in both hands.

These pads are receiving favorable reviews from FC Online as well. If you think about it in terms of top rankings, the pad usage rate is overwhelmingly high. Of course, there are some users who use the keyboard. The reason is simple. You can more freely and precisely control all 360-degree directions than the 8-way control on the keyboard, and this provides many advantages in the area of ​​detailed control, including dribbling.

In addition, there are quite a few advantages, such as the mapping button that allows complex keys to be assigned to one button when playing FC online, the click feeling when clicking, the smooth rotation of the analog stick, and the grip that can be used for a long time.

However, I don’t think we can carelessly say, ‘If you want to be good at FC Online, use a pad at all costs.’ In the case of users who have played with a keyboard for a long time, it may vary depending on the person, but it takes quite a while to get used to using the pad, and we also saw users’ reactions that their hands became more tired. Also, if you are not able to control the analog stick carefully, a disaster can occur where you cannot control it in the desired direction.

Pads are mostly divided into platform holder products made by companies that produce console game consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox, and third-party products that satisfy individual users with quality as high as the official products. Representative pads of platform holder products include Xbox pad and PlayStation pad, and third-party products include Turtle Beach and Joytron. Please refer to the list below by price range.

GameSir G7

■ Price range: 20,000 to 30,000 won (based on Danawa’s lowest price)

G7, a third-party pad gamer in the form of an Xbox pad. First of all, the price is cheap. And the stick itself is soft, and I personally would say it is the lightest pad I have ever used. If you can adapt and use a fast and light stick, it will be a big advantage, but if you don’t like lightness and have sweaty hands, I wouldn’t recommend it.

The weight also feels slightly lighter than the Xbox pad. There is a 3.5mm audio jack at the bottom, which can be quite useful if you use earphones. The cross button has a stronger repulsion force than the Xbox pad, so it is not pressed smoothly, and the click feeling is similar to that of the Xbox pad. Mapping is also possible.

FC Online recommends this pad to users who say they can control it well with fast and light products.

Turtle Beach Recon Controller

■ Price range: 40,000 to 50,000 won (based on Danawa’s lowest price)

If you are a user who enjoys FC Online, the Turtle Beach Recon controller has been a recommended pad since the FIFA days. This is also a third-party pad and is reasonably priced. Actually, the grip felt just right because I have small hands, but when I heard reviews from people with larger hands, they said they were very satisfied with their use. In addition, the lower grips on both sides are made of special anti-slip and cooling material, so there seems to be no problem even when used for a long time.

Please also note that there is not much of a problem with the keys, and by programming the two mapping buttons on the back, you can more easily use combination keys that are difficult to input or confusing to operate.

The operation feels solid, so first-time users may feel heavy, but once you get used to it, you will likely be able to use it more comfortably. Overall, a product with no corners. In the past, there were concerns about long waits and additional shipping costs due to overseas shipping, but now that it has been officially released in Korea, not only the price but also shipping has been resolved.

xbox 4th generation

■ Price range: 50,000 to 60,000 won (based on Danawa’s lowest price)

Platform Holder Certified Pad. It is an Xbox 4th generation pad. If you look at FC Online users who usually start with a pad, you will see many users using Xbox ONE S and other generation-specific products. The price is also reasonable. After all, the biggest advantage of the Xbox pad is that it has proven compatibility and performance.

▲ If you don’t mind the design…

However, if you look at FC Online users, there is a lot of talk about response speed and key recognition errors. Also, unlike other third-party products, there is no mapping button. For reference, you may also want to consider the Rock Candy series, which is a certified pad but is popular as a cost-effective product. First of all, I have a bad opinion. The design is so…

Joytron Vader 2

■ Price range: 60,000 won (based on Danawa’s lowest price)

Joytron Vader 2 is a third-party pad that is receiving good reviews from numerous FC Online YouTubers and rankers. It is stable and the response speed is acceptable. It has an appropriate size, so it feels good to grip whether you have small or large hands, and there are six mapping buttons on the front and back, so it can be seen as a good pad for using the control keys.

Also, the feel of operation itself is better than other pads. The tension is neither too strong nor too fast, just a pleasant feeling in the middle, and the feel of the analog stick is soft enough that you can press it hard with your finger. However, please note that the button noise is quite loud.

PS5 Dual Sense

■ Price range: 70,000 won (based on Danawa’s lowest price)

Like the Xbox pad, this can also be seen as a platform holder product that has already proven compatibility and performance. For those who used the Xbox pad, it may be uncomfortable until you get used to the button locations, but it is a recommended pad if you get used to the product.

Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma

■ Price range: 180,000 to 190,000 won (based on Danawa’s lowest price)

Pads used by Park Ji-min and Park Ki-young, who took first and second place at last year’s Hangzhou Asian Games. This is a premium lineup pad favored by FC online professional gamers. Users who have used existing platform holder products may feel that the response speed is a bit slow, but the product itself is superior to other pads in terms of durability and performance.

This pad has many advantages, including a luxurious appearance, laser feel, heavy feel, and comfortable grip. The buttons have a good clicking feel and the spacing between keys is wide, so there are fewer cases of incorrect input. Although it is a burdensome price to buy as a beginner, if you are a user who is somewhat accustomed to the pad, you can see it as a product worth the money. If you can invest more, I also recommend the Wolverine V2 Pro.

keyboard VS pad
What is the correct answer?

Keyboard VS Pad, to conclude, it can be said to be a matter of personal preference. Of course, I highly recommend it to those who are familiar with the pad or have already used it a lot, but it is difficult to pinpoint one because each person has differences in the peripheral devices that are comfortable for long-term use or depending on the player’s play style. There is.

I, too, am still more comfortable with the keyboard. Although I have used a pad while playing soccer games for over 10 years, I have a longer history of using a keyboard in FC Online, not my home. Additionally, we strongly recommend that you try the keyboard yourself at an offline store rather than reading reviews online.

The pad is definitely physically better than the keyboard. The direction change itself can be used more freely, allowing for careful play. This shows quite good performance not only when attacking but also when defending.

Although the content of this FC Online Peripheral Device Plan cannot be considered all correct, I have tried to write it by filtering out devices that have been used to some extent and various reviews. I will conclude this article with the hope that this project will reduce the selection fatigue of users who enjoy FC Online.

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