Kim Mi-hwa, who appeared in the campaign for 野 Go Min-jung…Kim Gyu-ri certified her vote wearing a ‘blue jumper’ – Chosun Ilbo VRESP

With the April 10 general election just two days away, pro-partisan broadcasters such as Kim Mi-hwa and Kim Gyu-ri are making appearances one after another. Calling himself a ‘political victim’, he has refrained from activities that could be interpreted as expressing political opinion for a while, but appears to be speaking out as speculation continues that the opposition party is ahead in this general election.

On the 7th, Democratic Party candidate Go Min-jeong (Gwangjin-eul, Seoul) posted several photos on her Facebook page, saying, “Comedian Kim Mi-hwa came to Gwangjin to cheer,” showing Kim Mi-hwa holding a microphone and speaking.

Broadcaster Kim Mi-hwa is campaigning with Democratic Party candidate Go Min-jung in Gwangjin, Seoul on the 7th in his campaign vehicle./Candidate Ko Min-jung’s Facebook

Candidate Ko said, “Teacher Kim Mi-hwa went through hardships for saying ‘the right things’, including being forcibly removed from the radio show she was hosting during the Lee Myung-bak administration and being blacklisted, but she was outraged that the Yoon Seok-yeol administration was turning history backwards and doing such things again.” did.

Last year, former President Moon Jae-in posted a photo of himself climbing with Kim Mi-hwa and others on Facebook. Mr. Kim, who is considered a pro-party broadcaster, left the MBC radio program he was hosting after being included in the so-called ‘culture and arts blacklist’, and later claimed, “There has been continuous pressure to leave the radio broadcast since 2009.”

Actress Kim Gyu-ri, who claimed to be a ‘political victim’, posted an ‘advance voting proof shot’ on her Instagram on the 6th. Ms. Kim wore blue clothes and a hat symbolizing the Democratic Party, and shared a photo with a vote stamp on the back of her hand, saying, “My hands are prettier today,” adding, “Today’s early voting closes at 6 p.m. Encouragement to vote,” she wrote. There was an interpretation online that Mr. Kim was showing his political side by supporting a specific political party.

A voting proof photo posted on his Instagram on the 6th. The image of Gyu-ri Kim wearing blue clothes and taking a voting proof shot is reflected in the glass. /Kim Gyu-ri’s Instagram

In May 2008, when ghost stories about mad cow disease were spreading, he wrote on his social media, “Importing cows full of mad cow disease with their bones…” He became the center of controversy after writing, “It would be better to pour cyanide into your mouth.” After experiencing controversy, he changed his name from Kim Min-seon to Kim Gyu-ri in 2009.

In a media interview released last month, Mr. Kim said, “I have been harmed” by the so-called “political frame,” but “I will work hard to overcome it.” Regarding the ‘cyanide remark’, he said, “I wish they would stop talking about that. “I have suffered a lot,” he said. “If there are no issues, I will have to work harder.”

Recently, Mr. Kim became a hot topic when a photo of him taken with Cho Kuk, the leader of the Cho Kuk Innovation Party, and former Roh Moo-hyun Foundation Chairman Yoo Si-min was released after the premiere of the movie ‘1980’. In 2018, he served as MC for the Korea-France Friendship Concert, which President Moon Jae-in attended.

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