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Photo = Financial Investment Association
Photo = Financial Investment Association

The Financial Investment Education Institute of the Financial Investment Association announced on the 8th that it is recruiting students for the ‘Value Investment Analysis’ non-face-to-face course for practitioners interested in value investment until the 26th of this month. The starting date is May 17th.

This course is designed to enable those working in stock management to learn the basic theories of research and analysis, as well as practical knowledge related to corporate finance and corporate valuation. Reflecting the trend of the untact era, it will be conducted as a non-face-to-face remote video education.

Through this course, you can improve your comparative analysis skills for individual companies and cultivate practical skills in industry and company analysis. It is also expected to improve the work skills of stock-related workers, including understanding recent changes in domestic and foreign stock markets.

The training period will be a 17-hour course for a total of 7 days from May 17th to the 31st of the same month, 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) at night (18:00-21:00). Students wishing to take the course must prepare a PC and webcam (or a laptop with a built-in camera) for video training.

Course registration and other details can be found on the Financial Investment Education Institute website.

Reporter Kim Hyeon-jeong / A clear window to read the economy – Business Plus

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