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Interpreter Lee Yun-jin, who is mediating her divorce with actor Lee Beom-soo, reported news that she appears to have returned to Korea for a while.

On the 5th, Yunjin Lee posted on her SNS, “Mom, arrived safely. She posted a photo of an airport sign in Korean along with a short message saying, “She’ll be there quickly.”

In addition, he hashtagged his daughter Soeul’s SNS account. It is reported that Lee Yun-jin is staying in Bali, Indonesia with So-eul.

Previously, on the 16th of last month, news of Lee Beom-soo and Lee Yun-jin’s breakup was reported. Beomsu Lee remarried Yunjin Lee in 2010, and they have one son and one daughter.

After the news of the breakup became known, Lee Yun-jin posted several posts criticizing Lee Beom-soo on her SNS. In particular, on the 23rd of last month, she revealed that Lee Beom-soo had “cut off the money line and closed the door to the house,” and she reported that Lee Beom-soo was ignoring her contacts.

Lee Beom-soo and Lee Yun-jin are attending the 9th breast cancer awareness campaign ‘LOVE YOUR W’ charity event held at Hangang Pradia in Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 23rd. The ‘LOVE YOUR W’ charity party, which has been held steadily since 2006 with the slogan ‘Let’s love our breasts’, donates the proceeds to a breast cancer awareness campaign and a project to support surgical treatment costs for low-income people.

Also, “So-eul has been banned from entering her Seoul home since the end of last year because she chose to go abroad to middle school. “I dared to apply for divorce mediation to the head of the household, but I am in a situation where I cannot even go into the house and retrieve my underwear without the householder’s approval and supervision,” he said.

Regarding Beom-soo Lee, he revealed, “His bizarre double life, his secret hobbies, the things he kept so carefully under a lock, even the cell phones he used hidden in his socks, this is a deception and betrayal of his sincere family.” Lee Yoon-jin said that she is currently unable to contact her son, who is living with Lee Beom-soo, and left a message requesting that anyone who knows her son’s current status should contact her.

In response, Lee Beom-soo’s agency, Y1 Entertainment, said, “The content posted by Lee Yun-jin on social media has many differences from the facts. In response to this, Beomsoo Lee issued a statement denying the allegations, saying, “I will respond sincerely in court.”

The two had their first divorce mediation date on the 18th of last month, but it was reported that Lee Beom-soo did not attend, so it ended without mediation.

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