Lee Da-in celebrates the 1st anniversary of her marriage with Lee Seung-gi… “We became a family of three” daughter photo released – Daily Sports VRESP

Lee Da-in, Lee Seung-gi. (Photo = Lee Da-in’s Instagram)

Singer and actor Lee Seung-gi and actor Lee Da-in celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

On the 7th, Lee Da-in posted on her SNS, “Happy first wedding anniversary. Thank you for your continued support. It was a very exciting day where I took a lot of pretty pictures… She posted several photos from her wedding with the caption, “Of course, it’s just me.”

In the photo, Lee Da-in is wearing a pure white wedding dress and showing off her elegant charm. Lee Seung-gi, who is wearing a tuxedo and a serious expression, and Lee Da-in, who looks elegant, match very well (photo = Da).

(Photo = Lee Da-in’s Instagram)

In particular, Lee Da-in also revealed a photo of her daughter’s feet for the first time in this post. He carefully opened a photo of the couple’s hands holding her daughter’s dainty feet with the words, “We are a family of three.”

Lee Da-in and Lee Seung-gi got married in April last year after two years of dating. The couple announced their pregnancy in November of last year and became parents by giving birth to a daughter in February.

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