Lee Jeong-hoo, who scored 1 point and walked 1 in his home debut, received a standing ovation from 40,000 spectators, “I will perform well worthy of the welcome” (Oh!Sen San Francisco) – Money Today VRESP

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(OSEN=San Francisco, Reporter Gil Jun-young) San Francisco Giants Lee Jeong-hoo (26) scored his second goal this season. San Francisco achieved a thrilling walk-off victory in its home opener.

Lee Jung-hoo started as center fielder No. 1 in the home opening game against the San Diego Padres of the 2024 Major League Baseball season held at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California, USA on the 6th (Korean time) and recorded no hits in three at-bats, one run, and one walk.

Lee Jung-hoo, who was the leadoff hitter in the bottom of the first inning when San Francisco was down 0-1, carefully selected a ball from San Diego right-handed starting pitcher Dylan Seeds. In the end, the 95.3 mile per hour (153.4 km) 4-seamer on the 5th pitch was also out of the strike zone, and Lee Jung-hoo walked.

San Francisco seemed to miss the opportunity created by Lee Jeong-hoo, as Lamonte Wade Jr. and Jorge Solaire both retired with foul hits. However, Michael Conforto hit Siege’s 5-pitch 86.9 mile (139.9 km) slider without missing and produced a 1-run double, allowing Lee Jeong-hoo to come home. Lee Jeong-hoo showed off his quick feet, coming from first base to home without even sliding.

Lee Jeong-hoo, who took the lead in the third inning when San Francisco was down 1-2, hit Seeds’ 6-pitch, 97.7 mph (157.2 km) four-seamer, but was caught by a grounder to first base. With two outs and two outs in the fifth inning, he aimed for Seeds’ 98.3 mile (158.2 km) four-seamer, but this time he was out due to a ground ball to first base.

Lee Jung-hoo, who was the leadoff hitter in the 8th inning when the two teams were tied 2-2, pushed left-handed relief pitcher Wandy Peralta’s 95 mph (152.9 km) sinker, but was caught by shortstop Kim Ha-seong and thrown out. He hit a high-quality ball with an exit speed of 106 mph (170.6 km) and an expected batting average of .309, but Ha-seong Kim made a defensive shift and was easily caught.

Lee Jeong-hoo finished the game today with no hits. However, San Francisco escaped their four-game losing streak with a thrilling 3-2 walk-off victory with Tyro Estrada’s walk-off double in the 9th inning.

Lee Jung-hoo, who signed a six-year contract with San Francisco for $113 million (about 152.9 billion won) this season, met fans for the first time at the home opening game. He contributed to the team’s victory by scoring his second score of the season, but unfortunately was unable to hit a hit. No hits in the last two games in a row. His season performance dropped to a batting average of .226 (7 hits in 31 at-bats) in 8 games, 1 home run, 4 RBI, 2 runs, and an OPS of .620.

Lee Jeong-hoo said in a post-game interview, “It was our first home game, so we played in a good atmosphere. I’m glad I won by finishing. I am grateful to the fans for welcoming me. “I want to play well to match that,” he said of his victory.

Lee Jeong-hoo, who played the home opening game with the one-sided support of over 40,000 San Francisco fans filling Oracle Park, said, “This is my first experience of cheering for the home team so one-sidedly. “In Korea, when you go to an away game, there are about 50% away fans, but in the U.S., there are only home team fans, so it was fun to play in this atmosphere,” he said with a laugh. He continued, “Last year, we achieved a walk-off victory in the home opener at Kiwoom. “I’m happy to be able to finish the home opener for the second year in a row,” he added.

Lee Jeong-hoo, who said, “It’s the same in Korea as it is here, it gives me strength when the home fans support me,” added, “Whether it’s one-sided or not, it’s the same. I think it would be better if we could play baseball in front of our home fans. That’s why home games are better. “I will try to show a better performance,” he said, promising a good performance in the home game. /[email protected]

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