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Dora and Pilseung continue to become entangled on set.
Victory’s words and actions bring back memories of my childhood.

(Reporter Lee Yoon-jeong, Edaily) Lim Soo-hyang of ‘Beauty and the Pure Man’ began to recall past memories of Ji Hyun-woo.

In the 5th episode of KBS 2TV’s weekend drama ‘Beauty and the Pure Boy’, which aired on the 6th, the story of ‘top actor’ Park Do-ra (played by Im Soo-hyang) and ‘drama producer’ Go Pil-seung (played by Ji Hyun-woo), who kept getting involved on the drama set, was depicted. .

On this day’s broadcast, Pilseung was momentarily taken aback by Dora’s question about where he had seen her before, but he used his wits to avoid the situation. Dora also did not think this was a big deal, and when she returned to the dinner party, she began to seduce Cha Bong-su (played by Kang Seong-min), who her rival, Jo Bibi (played by Won Yu-jin), liked. Pil-seung, who was watching this, felt disappointed by Do-ra’s actions, and the relationship between the two, not knowing where it would go, stimulated interest.

Dora and Pilseung saw each other every day on the set of the drama ‘Straight-Away Melodrama’. Pilseung tried his best not to pretend to know Dora, but Dora began to worry about Pilseung working hard in the field. Vivi, who was angry, stormed into the filming set to question the relationship between Dora and Bongsu, and the scene turned into chaos. Pilseung tried to mediate the fight by blocking the two men, but in the end, he was caught by the hair. The sight of Pil-seung, the youngest assistant director, unable to do anything between Do-ra, Bong-su, and Vivi, made viewers feel salty.

As the two main characters of ‘Straight Melodrama’, Dora and Bongsu, became distant, the atmosphere on set became a mess. Filming resumed, but the conflict between the two actors grew day by day, with Bongsu intentionally eating garlic during the kissing scene with Dora. Pil-seung, who could not bear their war of nerves, asked Do-ra to come clean with Bong-su and film. Do-ra, who relented after Pil-seung’s words, handed Bong-su an apple and the situation was resolved. Afterwards, Pil-seung asked Do-ra to finish filming the drama safely. Dora was grateful to Pilseung for continuously helping her, including having his hair ripped out by Vivi. In particular, Dora’s words and actions of Pil-seung brought back memories of her childhood with Dae-chung (later played by Pil-seung Moon Seong-hyeon), and as she learned that Dae-chung and Pil-seung had the same last name, Mr. Ko, viewers’ attention was focused.

At the end of the broadcast, Dora, who remembered Pilseung every time she saw him, called him out on set, but he was on the verge of falling. Pilseung quickly caught Dora, who was staggering, and the scene of the two people embracing each other and facing each other decorated the ending, giving a strange sense of excitement. Expectations for future developments have been raised as to what kind of story will unfold between Dora and Pilseung, who are reunited with their childhood bond.

‘Beauty and the Pure Boy’ Episode 5 (Photo = ‘Beauty and the Pure Boy’ broadcast capture).

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