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Nexon held a live broadcast of ‘Maple Story M”s ‘2024 VOICE OF MAPLER’ on the 3rd, introduced the contents of the April update, and created an opportunity to communicate with users in real time. Director Kim Hyun-seung and planning team leader Lee Sa-ra, who participated in the live broadcast, directly demonstrated various updates and improvements to be made in April and explained in detail the planning intention and expected effects of this update. In particular, in this update, the ‘Bombom Project’, which was designed to resolve users’ big and small inconveniences and improve game convenience, was carried out and is known to have received an enthusiastic response from users.

In this April update, Maple World’s idol star ‘Angelic Buster’ will be newly remastered. ‘Angelic Buster’, which has been transformed into a more colorful illustration through the remaster, is transformed into an even more powerful version, and to commemorate the ‘Angelic Buster’ remaster, Nexon is holding an ‘Angelic Buster’ cheering mission event that presents gifticons and in-game rewards.

In addition, the contents of the ‘BomBom’ project, an improvement update that reflects user opinions, were introduced. First, the boss page UI has been improved to allow both boss and difficulty settings on one page, and the party search UI has been completely improved so that you can check the party list, party member damage measurement amount, and character information for each boss and content. In the case of boss content, world-integrated matching is possible, and the highest damage per minute (DPM) function is added to the party creation conditions to quickly and accurately recruit party members with appropriate specifications. In addition, the ‘Party Recruitment Bulletin Board’, a new system for recruiting party members, has been added to help create more convenient parties.

The hurdles are lowered by reorganizing the rewards and difficulty of boss content. The single-mode boss content reward is raised to the multi-mode level, and through this, the ‘Yggdrasil Rune Stone’, which was only given as a multi-mode reward, can be obtained in single mode. While lowering the difficulty of ‘Suu’ single mode, ‘Token of Magic Power’ and ‘Token of Magic Power (bound)’ are added as clear rewards, and the drop rate of reward items in single mode is adjusted to be the same as that of multi-mode.

Convenience has also been improved by improving character ability UI, expanding hyperstat level, and improving link skill UI. The character’s abilities are categorized into categories so that detailed stats for each ability, such as combat power and union information, can be easily checked. As damage information has become more important due to the reorganization of the party system, a damage meter tab has been added to the character ability window, and a skill setting recommendation system has been added for users who are developing multiple characters. In addition, the hyperstat level has been expanded from Lv20 to Lv25, allowing you to experience a more powerful character. In addition, the list of applied link skills and existing link skills is arranged so that you can see them at a glance, and the UI is improved so that you can directly transfer the desired link skill from the list on the right.

At the same time as the pet level expansion, the abilities that can be obtained by leveling up the pet are increased. While existing pets could grow up to level 20 regardless of grade, with this update, Wonder Black, Luna Sweet, and Luna Dream grades will be expanded to level 40, and Luna Petit grade will be expanded to level 50. As the level is expanded, the abilities that can be obtained at the expanded level are also increased. A slot where you can use buff skills with the pet set effect has been added, and convenience has been improved so that you can set the registration quantity when registering an automatic use buff item.

The chat system is also changing to become more convenient. The profile picture of the character’s job is displayed along with the message, and by clicking on the user profile icon, you can view functions such as viewing user information, adding friends, and inviting field parties. In the newly introduced World Chat tab, party recruitment posts registered on the party bulletin board are promoted, and details using the ‘World Megaphone’ can also be checked through the World Chat tab.

The World Integrated Exchange adds a filtering function that allows you to set detailed search conditions for potential options, additional options, soul options, and sentence options. Potential options and additional options can now be set in detail down to option items, and soul options and sentence options have been improved so that the type can be set. As various filter functions are added, detailed option settings are designed to be activated and deactivated as needed.

Arcane symbols have been changed to accumulate up to 99 if they are of the same type and level, reducing the inconvenience of having to organize the bag each time they are acquired. It has been improved so that additional materials can be added up to the maximum growth value of the symbol without strengthening the arcane symbol level, and an Arcane Symbol sales filter that allows you to select the type, level, and growth value of the symbol has been added to the bag sales filter, allowing you to select the type, level, and growth value of the symbol. You will be able to sell the corresponding Arcane Symbol at once.

Director Kim Hyun-seung said, “As this spring and spring update was a meaningful project planned by collecting the valuable opinions of the warriors, we provided an opportunity to directly explain the update contents to the warriors.” He added, “I see that we will continue to listen to the warriors’ opinions and improve.” “I will give it to you,” he said.

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