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Microsoft’s representative console Xbox Series S/X / Microsoft

23 years have passed since Microsoft released the first Xbox.

Console game console companies usually try various things with consoles. Nintendo also established a strategy of selling games through kiosks through family computers and QuickDisks, and also attempted to sell games through home PCs and terminals through keyboards and modems. Also, during the Super Famicom era, there was a satellite broadcasting service called Satella View.

Microsoft, which participated in the gaming industry, also emphasized the unique features of the Xbox console through several attempts. Designed based on a PC, it uses Direct Before Xbox, game data was often stored on a separate memory card, but Xbox allowed game data to be stored on the built-in hard disk without worrying about capacity.

The first Xbox did not have much success, but it brought new attempts to the console game industry, such as making FPS the main genre of console games with ‘Halo’ and encouraging game companies that had mainly released PCs to participate in console games.

The first Xbox deserved praise just for being equipped with a hard disk and network as standard / Microsoft

Xbox 360 provided a guide to help gamers enjoy the game more fun through challenges. And from the game company’s perspective, they were able to see for themselves how much gamers enjoy the game. It is now possible to see how far the game has progressed and what percentage of gamers have reached the ending.

Microsoft’s unconventional attempts continued thereafter. However, the unconventional attempt did not lead to good results. Xbox One includes a Kinect camera as standard. In order to dominate the living room TV, the main functions of the TV were controlled through Xbox One and Kinect. The plan was to increase control of the living room TV with Xbox One through voice recognition and motion recognition. However, thanks to Kinect, it had to be sold more expensively than the competing PlayStation 4. Kinect was not well received and Microsoft gave up on it.

Kinect-based wasn’t a good idea / Microsoft

Instead, Xbox One created a subscription model called Game Pass. Gamers can now enjoy a variety of games by paying a certain amount of money per month. You can now enjoy many games to your heart’s content without having to purchase the games. However, Game Pass had both advantages and disadvantages. Because of the cheap Game Pass, Xbox One gamers were able to enjoy many games at a low price, but it required a lot of money to sell AAA games. This is because sales of games provided through Game Pass are decreasing. Still, based on Microsoft’s abundant financial power, Game Pass received positive reviews and became a representative service for Xbox.

The problem begins next. Microsoft released the Xbox Series X/S. X is a high-performance game console that can be played at 4K UHD resolution. The S was an entry-level game console with full HD resolution. Dividing it into the powerful

Sony divided the models into models with the same performance but without a disk drive, but with the launch of the Xbox, there were two types of consoles, with S, the lowest, becoming the standard. Consumers purchased a lot of S with low performance. The low performance of the S hindered the high-performance X. There are also rumors that Sony is developing a more powerful pro version, but it is not easy for Xbox to respond to this. Even if a more powerful console than X is released, S is the standard, so Microsoft has to prepare for the next generation console.

Another own goal is that many game companies have been acquired, but the games have not been released properly since the acquisition. Since many companies have been acquired, it would have been great if they had been utilized properly, but so far there has been little to show. In addition, recent AAA games require enormous development costs to complete, and game sales have decreased thanks to Game Pass. Although it is a good service for gamers, it is expected that it will not be easy to recover development costs as sales of games that invested a huge amount of development costs of more than 100 to 200 million dollars are decreasing.

I should be happy, but I’m sad / Microsoft

Thanks to this, Microsoft was able to release first-party exclusive games on competing consoles such as PlayStation or Switch. The intention seems to be to see what kind of response and how much it sells on competing consoles. This also appears to be due to the increased development costs and game pass.

The last is a guideline on PCism in the gaming industry, which has recently been controversial. This is a recently announced guideline that seems to call for making games that emphasize PC attention. In Western countries, PCism can be found in many contents, including games, but the results are not necessarily good. A representative example is the live-action film ‘The Little Mermaid’.

Not everyone likes it, but the insistence on presenting guidelines and emphasizing PCism only antagonizes gamers who dislike PCism. Microsoft stated in the guide that games will sell more if they emphasize fair PC attention, but games without PC attention are also recording good sales in Western countries. Representative examples include many Japanese games such as ‘Nier Automata’ and ‘Resident Evil’. These games sold a lot in Western countries and received high praise. Recently, there has been an opinion that there is no resistance to playing Japanese games because they are not PC-oriented, and Microsoft’s attempt to emphasize PC-oriented games in games due to their high sales may also be a new own goal. Many gamers just want to play more interesting games on PC.

Xbox is famous for its excellent backward compatibility with older generation consoles. If you play an older Xbox game that supports backward compatibility on the Xbox One or Xbox series, it will be transformed into a modern game. Thanks to this, there is no need for a separate remaster or remake. There is no reason why gamers would not welcome these attempts. I hope that Microsoft will show a great attempt that gamers will welcome, just like it did with the first Xbox.

The backward compatibility feature is good, but / Microsoft

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