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In a report released online on the 4th (local time), the Microsoft Threat Analysis Center warned that China is likely to interfere in the elections in Korea, the United States, and India with false and manipulated information using AI./Capture of MS MTAC report

It has been pointed out that there is a possibility that China may interfere in Korea’s election with false and manipulated information using artificial intelligence (AI). This is an analysis released by Microsoft’s Threat Analysis Center (MTAC), a global IT company.

According to foreign media such as the Guardian on the 5th (local time), the Microsoft Threat Analysis Center analyzed in a recently released report that China could exert influence by spreading false and manipulated information created with AI in major elections held in Korea, the United States, and India. . MTAC predicted, “China will create and spread AI content that is favorable to itself in these elections.”

MTAC also disclosed specific examples. The group, named ‘Storm-1376’, was active on 175 websites and in 58 languages. Korea was also a major target, and Storm 1376 posted several contents, especially regarding the discharge of radioactive contaminated water from Fukushima, Japan. MTAC explained, “The content was mainly aimed at expanding protests against the discharge of contaminated water in Korea and content critical of the Japanese government.”

MTAC mentioned the remarks of Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, who was a presidential candidate in 2022 at the time, and added that Storm 1376 further amplified these remarks. It was confirmed that Storm 1376 even used Korean social media such as Kakao Story and Tistory.

Storm 1376 was also active during Taiwan’s presidential election last January. Candidate Guo Taiming, who ran as an independent candidate but then withdrew, posted a fake voice message saying he supported a specific candidate, and spread false information through AI News, such as that President-elect Lai Qingde embezzled the national treasury or that he had an illegitimate child.

In addition, he also posted a post claiming that the forest fire on Maui, Hawaii and the train derailment in Kentucky last August were caused by the U.S. government. Tom Burt, head of Microsoft security, pointed out in an interview with the US daily Wall Street Journal (WSJ), “China’s disinformation operations have become more active over the past six months.”

MTAC analyzed that North Korea’s cyber threats have also intensified. MTAC analyzed that “North Korea’s cyber terrorist attack resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency being stolen and the software supply chain being attacked in 2023,” adding, “North Korea is moving to collect information on the United States, South Korea, and Japan.” .

MTAC reported that North Korea targeted aerospace and defense organizations in the United States and South Korea, and also targeted diplomats, government, NGOs, and media experts. In fact, the National Satellite Operations Center, the heart of Korea’s satellite operations, suffered a hacking attack last December. Although the government did not reveal specific details, experts believe that North Korea was responsible.



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