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Houman holding his dog that he got back after 8 months. /AP Yonhap News

The story of an American family who dramatically found their lost dog 8 months ago in a place about 3,000 km away from their residence is a hot topic.

According to the Associated Press on the 4th (local time), Married and Elizabeth Houman, a couple living in San Diego, California, lost their dog Mishka in July of last year. At the time, it is said that Mishka suddenly disappeared while playing at the auto repair shop where her husband, Mehrad, worked.

At the time, the family worked hard to find the dog, including handing out more than 1,000 leaflets. But despite our best efforts, no news came.

At the end of last month, when the chances of finding Mishka were becoming increasingly slim, I suddenly received a phone call from the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society in Harper Woods, a suburb of Detroit in eastern Michigan. The content was “Protecting Mishka.”

Accordingly, the family drove 10 hours from a relative’s house in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and reunited with Mishka on the 29th of last month. It was discovered that Harper Woods police received a report of her missing dog and turned Mishka over to the Animal Adoption Association. The association is said to have found the dog owner’s information through the ID chip built into the Mishka.

However, it was not clear how Mishka was able to get to Harper Woods, about 2,000 miles (about 3,200 km) away from San Diego. “Only Mishka knows how she got here,” said Nancy Pilsbury, a veterinarian who examined Mishka. Her family also responded, “I wonder how Mishka got to Michigan.”

It is reported that Mishka is currently in good health. Pillsbury said, “Mishka is well-nourished and has a clean body,” and added, “It appears that someone has taken good care of him.”

The Houman family could not hide their joy at getting their dog back after eight months. “This is 100% a miracle,” the family said. “We never gave up hope. And I thought I would meet Mishka again someday.” He added, “In the meantime, Mishka also learned how to sit. “She is grateful to have her beloved dog back, and she would like to say thank you to the person who first found her Mishka.”

The Animal Adoption Association said, “Their story is one that Hollywood would covet.”

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