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(Reporter Lim Byeong-seon)

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(smartPC Love = Reporter Lim Byeong-seon) Monstar Gear, the custom specialty brand of custom keyboard and water-cooled PC venture company Monstar Co., Ltd. (CEO: Seungjae Lee), announced that it has newly launched the ‘FEKER JJK21 wired and wireless number keypad’.

The Monsta Gear FEKER JJK21 wired/wireless number keypad is a useful product for people who need a separate number keypad because they are using a laptop or tenkeyless keyboard. The switch is equipped with a FEKER White Marble linear switch as standard. The input pressure is 42±3gf, the bottom pressure is 47±5gf, and the spring is 20mm. Of course, it supports a variety of switches from 3 to 5 pins, so you can customize it to suit your taste.

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It supports three connection modes: wired, USB 2.4GHz wireless, and Bluetooth. In addition, the USB receiver is equipped with a magnet for easy storage and is equipped with a USB Type-C terminal for increased convenience. It is even equipped with a switch that can easily turn the power on/off.

It supports RGB mode, so you can use the backlight according to your preference. A dedicated software program is also supported, allowing you to easily check battery level, customize LEDs, change macro keys, and set polling rates. It is also equipped with a knob that allows you to easily control functions, so you can easily adjust volume, play, and pause.

The price of the Monsta Gear FEKER JJK21 wired/wireless number keypad is 69,000 won, and detailed information can be found through the Monsta Gear Smart Store and official website.

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· Color: Black, White
· Size: 9x14cm (±2mm)
· Height: Height at the bottom 2cm (±2mm) / Height at the top 3.2cm (±2mm)
· Weight: 298g (±2g)
· Layout: 20 keys / 1 knob
· Gasket structure and hot swap
· Switch: FEKER White Marble Linear Switch
· Operating system: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.
· Battery capacity: 1,500mAh (rechargeable lithium-ion battery)
· Cable length: approximately 1.7m
· Cable color: Provided depending on model color

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