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Money Today Reporter Eun Lee | 2024.04.13 06:30

/Photo=Channel A’s ‘Parenting these days – My golden baby’ broadcast screen

It was shocking to see a mother leave her 11-year-old son alone at a board cafe far from home.

In Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Parenting These Days – My Child Like Gold’, which aired on the 12th, a golden parent appeared who was in conflict with his two sons, aged 11 and 8, due to their excessive obsession with saving.

In the previous broadcast, Geumjjokyi’s parents were worried about their eldest son’s violence, but in the daily video, the mother’s excessive obsession with saving was revealed, so the family decided to try to make changes on their own instead of the solution provided by psychiatrist Dr. Oh Eun-young.

/Photo=Channel A’s ‘Parenting these days – My golden baby’ broadcast screen

In the video released on this day, Geumjyeok and his younger brother went on a date at a board cafe with their mother. However, Geumjjogi, who was uncomfortable being alone with his mother, continued to look for his father and ended up fighting with her mother.

Mom said, “Then should we go home? You came for no reason.” “Your actions are being filmed right now. Do you know how humiliating and embarrassing it is? You are alone. Let’s go. You come on your own,” she said, bringing only her younger brother out. She said that Geum-cheok said, “(Let me take the bus) and then just give me the money,” but her mother, who did not hear this, got in her car and drove away, leaving Geum-cheok alone.

Jeong Hyeong-don and Jang Young-ran were shocked to see the mother leaving in the car with only her second son. Jang Young-ran was surprised and asked, “Did he just leave?” and Jeong Hyeong-don couldn’t believe this situation, saying, “He must have passed away again.”

Dr. Oh Eun-young pointed out, “My mother was angry, so she took care of her younger brother and left. She must have thought that the production crew would take care of her. Even so, if she left without saying anything, she would have felt like, ‘They’re just leaving me behind.'”

He continued, “The situation at the board game cafe seems to have been something that the mother said, ‘I put so much effort and time and money into it, so why on earth are you doing this?’ As time goes by, the child becomes more and more unreasonable, unfair, and unreasonable. “I feel like I’m feeling unfair and angry,” he said.

At the same time, “The child said it several times, but the mother did not back down until the end. If the mother thinks she is right, she has the characteristic of not accepting other opinions and going to the end. The child is hurt by that. No matter how reasonable the words are, the mother will not accept other opinions. “I feel helpless because I think it doesn’t work,” he explained.

/Photo=Channel A’s ‘Parenting these days – My golden baby’ broadcast screen

In the end, Geumjjook returned home in the production team’s vehicle. In response, the mother nagged Geumjjook, saying, “If you do this, we can’t communicate. I think you’re too selfish. You only do what you want and ask a lot of things from your mother. Have you done anything right for your mother?”

Geumjjook refused to talk to his mother, and his mother unilaterally scolded him, even bringing up the mistakes he made when he was in kindergarten.

The mother then asked, “What kind of person is a mother to you?” and Geumjjook responded, “A person who doesn’t play well.” When she said that she would only play with her father, her mother put pressure on her, saying, “Then should she cut off ties with her mother from now on? Can she live well without her mother? Does she want to get out of this house tomorrow?” It was shocking.

/Photo=Channel A’s ‘Parenting these days – My golden baby’ broadcast screen

Dr. Oh Eun-young said, “I don’t communicate with my mother, but it seems like it’s difficult for the children to spend a lot of time with their mother. It’s not that they like their father when they find their father, but that it’s difficult to spend time with their mother without their father. The way they reject their mother is “I can see it,” he diagnosed.

He pointed out that the mother expresses ‘rejection’ and ‘abandonment’ to the child, and said, “If this situation continues a little longer, I think the child will hate and hate the mother in a hostile manner.”

He continued, “I hate my mother until now, but I also love her. However, I got close to her as if we were becoming friends, but later on, she told me to leave. I don’t think the feelings the parents are showing are sincere.”

He said, “If you treat a child like this all the time, a confused and insecure attachment will develop. They want to get close to the person they are attached to, but if they get close, they will be attacked, so they have distrust of others. If they get close, they feel anxious, and if they move away, they feel lonely and have two feelings. “There is,” he explained.

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