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Motion Twin (CEO Thomas Vasseur) announced on the 4th that it has released a new video for ‘WINDBLOWN’, a high-speed action roguelike genre developed by the company.

This video is raising gamers’ expectations by showing the actual gameplay of exploring Sky Island with an autumn background full of red autumn leaves, defeating enemies, and running freely.

The video begins with the player becoming a ripper (the main character), using the simple but accurate skill ‘Dash’ to move like lightning between islands floating in the sky or avoiding attacks from enemies that threaten peace.

In addition, there were scenes of exploring and defeating specific bosses in an exciting combat environment, as well as acquiring various weapons with special abilities such as increased maximum stamina and enhanced critical hits.

In this game, before starting any expedition, you can equip up to two weapons with a simple button operation to create your own combo that mixes several attacks to suit the situation.

In addition, you can enjoy a more strategic battle by combining the skill ‘Crystallize’, which recharges energy when killing enemies, accessories with different effects, and fish that can obtain additional rewards.

In particular, if you unlock locked accessories, additional attacks such as double attacks and arrow firing are possible, and various bonuses, including healing abilities, are added, allowing you to create your own combat style.

‘WINDBLOWN’ can be enjoyed with up to two friends, and an early access version is scheduled to be released through Steam this year.

Meanwhile, Motion Twin conducted a closed test of ‘Windblown’ at GDC 2024 held in San Francisco, USA last March, and is doing its best to provide the best play experience by reflecting feedback and strengthening skills.

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