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While various types of have become popular, another watermelon-like(?) game is coming out. This time, it is a new work that mixes more attractive concepts such as pretty girls, music, and robots.

Inti Creates presents a new work called . It is a merge puzzle game where the goal is to obtain a high score by combining ‘Roro Pods’ dropped from the top down to create higher level pods. (However, there is a condition that the line at the top of the box must not be crossed.) The existing watermelon. While games where competition for scores using a scoreboard served as a motivation for repeated play, is different in that it offers ‘music’ as a reward for scoring points.

Inti Creates is a developer famous for the and series. He is also widely known for the high quality of his art, action, and music. Among the 20 songs included in this , in addition to the vocal songs of cyber diva ‘Roro’ who also appeared in the series, a new song for this game and the background of Music is included.

is a game that was officially released on April 5 on Nintendo Switch. The domestic regular price of the Switch version is 3,940 won, but it is being sold at a discounted price of 3,540 won until April 18. It is scheduled to be released on April 19th on Steam and on April 26th on PS4 and PS5.

Recently, various watermelon-like games have become a hot topic through game broadcasts, such as , which combines planets in the gravitational field of outer space, and , a 3D watermelon game that combines fruits on a plate in front of a girl drawing a still life. That was enough. Indeed, will the new work receive a lot of attention? First of all, it looks like it will be a very welcome casual puzzle game for fans who remember ‘Roro’ from the series.​

Inti Creates new work

This is ‘Roro’, which has already appeared in the series.

Roro (English name Lola)’s Japanese voice actor is Mayu Mineda, and her English voice actor is Obake Pam.

Merge into larger pods within the box. It’s a very simple game.

It is a familiar interface to those who have played the existing .

The biggest difference in is that ‘Roro’ is present and music rewards are provided.

Steps of merging a ro-ro pod. It is said that higher level pods are also hidden.

There are also online and offline score boards.

There are 20 types of music rewards. In that respect, the price of 3,940 won is quite reasonable.

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