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(Sports Chosun Reporter Lee Yu-na) Nam Hee-seok’s doppelgangers appear one after another in the Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do edition of the ‘National Singing Contest’, drawing attention.

KBS 1TV’s ‘National Singing Contest’ is the origin of the public participation audition program that has been held every Sunday for 44 years and is the best entertainment program in Korea. The 2066th episode of the ‘National Singing Contest’, which will be broadcast on the 7th (Sunday), is the ‘Gyeonggi-do Siheung City edition’. The Siheung City singing contest held on the special stage of Turtle Island featured exciting competitions from 16 teams that made it to the finals, along with singer Bae Il-ho, Kim Yong-im, Kang Jin, Shin Yu, and Choi Ye-jin will deliver a special celebration performance, bringing cheerful laughter to the home room on Sunday.

Above all, in the Siheung City section, all the ‘Siheung Hahoe masks’ are in attendance to welcome Nam Hee-seok, the ‘Sunday Hahoe mask’ who has joined the ‘National Singing Contest’, attracting attention. In the released photo, Nam Hee-seok is shaking hands with a participant wearing a mask with the Hahoe Mask pattern and smiling while smiling. It is no exaggeration to say that they are like doppelgängers, and the exquisite synchronization brings laughter. In another photo, Nam Hee-seok is seen face-to-face with a participant with a warm teddy bear expression, bursting into laughter and summoning the Hahoe mask once again. The two people, who have identical eye smiles, bring a happy smile to the faces of those who see them, raising expectations for the main broadcast of the Gyeonggi-do and Siheung-si edition of the ‘National Singing Contest’, which is predicted to have such pleasant and humorous fun.

On the other hand, Nam Hee-seok, who is performing his second MC stage through the Siheung City episode, is said to be showing off his body properly. In particular, the ‘National Singing Contest’ was made even more exciting by the friendliness of the youngest participant, a 10-year-old girl in Siheung City, to the oldest participant, an 88-year-old man, and the storm reaction that warmed up the atmosphere of the scene, and the audience’s reaction to chanting ‘Hahoe Mask’. The rumor is that this never stopped. Accordingly, attention is being paid to the performance of MC Nam Hee-seok, who has started to bring a sensation to the home screen on Sunday.

KBS 1TV’s ‘National Singing Contest’, Korea’s best and longest-running entertainment program with a 44-year tradition, is broadcast every Sunday at 12:10 p.m., and the ‘Gyeonggi-do Siheung City episode’ will be broadcast on Sunday, April 7.

Photo provided by: National Singing Contest

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