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Netanyahu: “We will put military pressure on Hamas in the next few days… Rafa attacks?


As the conflict between Israel and Iran entered a calm phase, Israel again pressured the Rafah ground battle.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has hinted at a military attack against Hamas within the next few days.

The fact that the United States is predicting sanctions against the Israeli military for human rights violations is expected to be a variable.

This is reporter Seok-i Yoon.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would “apply military pressure on Hamas within the next few days” to rescue the hostages.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said in a statement released on the 21st local time, “Hamas has rejected the offer to release all hostages.”

“In the coming days, we will increase military and political pressure on Hamas, because this is the only way to rescue the hostages and achieve victory.”

It has not yet been confirmed whether today’s remarks refer to an operation to enter Rafah, Hamas’ last stronghold.

However, since this was a statement made while the conflict with Iran, which had reached the brink of war, had entered a calm phase, it adds weight to the observation that a ground battle in Rafah is imminent.

Israeli media reported on this day that “Chief of Staff Herzy Halevi approved the Southern Command’s combat plan.”

Israel believes that the operation to enter Rafah is essential to end the Gaza War, but the United States and others are concerned about large-scale civilian casualties.

“We believe that large-scale military operations in areas with dense civilian populations will have dire consequences for those populations.”

In the Rafah area, it was reported that at least 22 people, including 10 children, were killed in an Israeli military bombing last weekend.

“These children were sleeping. What did they do? What was wrong?”

The fact that the United States, for the first time in history, is announcing sanctions against Israeli military units in the West Bank for ‘human rights abuses’ is also a huge burden for Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu strongly opposed the sanctions, saying, “We will fight with all our might,” but it is predicted that this will be a factor in putting pressure on the launch of Operation Rafah, which is concerned about a large-scale ‘humanitarian disaster’.

This is Yoon Seok-i from Yonhap News TV. ([email protected])

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