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(New book published) Can time turn back?

▲(New book published) Can time turn back?

Booklife published ‘Can We Turn Back Time?’ by Yuichi Takamizu, the last disciple of genius physicist Stephen Hawking.

How was the universe created? Stephen Hawking delved into this question until his dying day. Hawking created new theories with curiosity and ingenious ideas as vast as the universe. The author worked as a researcher at the University of Cambridge, England, and was the last student to receive Hawking’s teachings.

One of the outstanding physicists produced by Hawking, he is attracting attention in the field of quantum gravity theory research. As a disciple of Hawking, who always lost his sense of humor, the author boldly presents ingenious and delightful thoughts about time in this book based on the latest research results.

In the natural world, there is symmetry that seeks to achieve balance without bias. Many of the things we find beautiful are symmetrical.

But why does time exist in only one direction? The author questions the asymmetry of time and addresses the possibility of time reversing in terms of direction, number of dimensions, and size.

Why does time flow in only one direction, from past to future? Space is three dimensional, but why is time only one? Can the size of time increase or decrease? Ideas about time that were considered common sense are explained scientifically and clearly based on major physics theories such as quantum mechanics, relativity, and entropy.

Until now, many books and lectures have explained time using physics, but it has been difficult for the average person to understand. This book explains core concepts in physics that the general public should know as general knowledge in an easy and fun way by weaving them into a time story called ‘Can we turn back time?’

The theory that has been a pillar of the physics community for hundreds of years is naturally incorporated into the delightful and interesting story of memory, lifespan, prediction, causal retribution of events, and the birth of the universe.

It covers all 12 basic concepts of physics, including quantum mechanics, relativity theory, entropy, black holes, and the circular universe. It is a good introductory book for those who are first interested in liberal arts science, and it is expected to help readers of existing science books to firmly grasp the framework of physics in their minds.

Title: Can we turn back time? A liberal arts physics class taught by Stephen Hawking’s last student.

Author: Yuichi Takamizu

Translation: Kim Jeong-hwan

Publisher: Business Books Booklife

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