(News Focus) If Iran further provokes Israel, "Immediate and maximum level response" – Yonhap News TV VRESP TODAY

(News Focus) Iran “responds immediately and at maximum level” in case of additional Israeli provocations

Israel retaliated six days after Iran’s retaliatory airstrike.

First of all, Iran claims that no damage has occurred, but is warning that it will respond to the maximum level if Israel attacks further.

Let’s talk with Ma Young-sam, former Ambassador to Israel.


Israel retaliated against Iranian military bases six days after Iran attacked its mainland for the first time in its history. What do you think is the reason behind Israel’s retaliation despite open dissuasion from friendly countries such as the United States?

Israel’s retaliatory attacks were focused on Isfahan, Iran. What kind of place is ‘Isfahan’, and why do you think it was chosen as a strike location?

Iran said there was no damage from the Israeli airstrike. For this reason, there is speculation that Israel attempted to avoid further escalation of war with limited attacks while sending a warning message.

Israel has remained silent about the strike. Can the limited scope of the airstrikes and the lack of subsequent public statements be interpreted as an attempt to ease tensions with Iran?

The ball appears to have passed to Iran again. Iran’s Foreign Minister warned in a media interview that if there were further Israeli offensives, he would respond “immediately and at the highest level.” It appears that there will be no immediate retaliation, but is there a possibility of an escalation of war?

Iran also threatened to ‘reexamine its nuclear principles’ if it threatened its nuclear facilities. Is there a possibility that they could use nuclear weapons as an excuse to attack Isfahan, where nuclear facilities are located?

Meanwhile, the United States drew a line by saying that it had been notified in advance of Israel’s retaliatory attack, but did not intervene. What do you think of America’s moves since it has not expressed its stance of criticism or support for Israel’s attack?

The entire world, including the United States, is tense due to the growing sense of crisis in the Middle East. How will the international community, which previously imposed sanctions and condemnation against Iran, view this Israeli attack?

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