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Nexon launches MapleStory M ‘Angelic Buster’ remaster update

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Maple Story M ‘Angelic Buster’

Nexon has carried out the ‘Angelic Buster’ remaster update for the mobile multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) ‘Maple Story M’.

Angelic Buster has a new look through the remaster, and the illustrations, skill effects, skill sound effects, and skill voices have been changed to become more flashy in line with the battlefield idol concept. You can also enjoy the new skill ‘On Stage’, which allows you to change the background music of surrounding characters in villages and dungeon waiting rooms.

To commemorate the remaster, various Angelic Buster exclusive events will be held. If you complete the daily missions given by May 2nd, you will receive experience rewards. In addition, an event will be held to provide 1+1 burning level and apply additional buffs up to level 200.

When you achieve a certain level with an Angelic Buster character, you can obtain rewards such as ‘Angelic Buster Advanced Boss Loot Selection Box’ and ‘(Event) Elixir of Typhoon Growth’. When you reach level 200, you can get the ‘Angelic Buster Level 200 Achievement Box’.

In the ‘Angelic Buster Today’s Content’ event, if you complete 3 missions every day, you will receive ‘Auto Battle Recharge Ticket (15 minutes)’, ‘Party Experience Increase Ticket (15 minutes)’, and ‘Experience Core Gemstone’. All job characters who participated in the attendance event during the same period will be presented with ‘Angelic Buster Remaster Commemorative Title and Medal Box’, ‘Angelic Buster Remaster Commemorative Expedition Support Box’, and ‘Angelic Buster Remaster Commemorative Coordination Box’.

Additionally, 50,000 Nexon Cash will be paid to the first 10,000 people who reach level 200 with the new Angelic Buster character by April 24th. In addition, you can get the opportunity to apply for the ‘Angelic Buster Goods Set’ when you log into the game for 10 days until April 17th. During the same period, if you apply for ‘Today’s Reward’ using the ticket obtained as a daily cheering mission reward, you can receive various snack gifticons, ‘Auto Battle Recharge Ticket (1 hour)’, ‘Bamtang’, ‘Party Experience Increase Ticket (15 minutes)’, etc. Provides an opportunity to earn in-game rewards.

Additionally, you can use a coin booster that grants a 100% increase in coin drop rate through the ‘Coin Drop Event’ that will run until May 29th. Stamps will be paid based on the participation rate in the 7 events held during the event period until May 30th. Depending on the number of stamps accumulated, you can obtain rewards such as ‘M4U Salon Coin’ and ‘Nobles’ Invitation Chair’. The event that allows you to transfer coordination and cash items between characters in the world will run until May 2nd.

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