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‘Stella Fantasy’ recently signed a global publishing contract. ‘Darkest Days’ successfully completed its first closed beta test. ‘Line Disney Tsum Tsum’ and ‘Mobile Hangame Poker’ celebrate their 10th anniversary (clockwise from bottom left). Photo provided by NHN

Building a foundation for growth with differentiated game genres

‘Darkest Days’ 1st beta test
Confirmation of the success potential of mobile shooting RPG
Midcore ‘Stella Fantasy’ is also a highly anticipated work.
Longevity game celebrating its 10th anniversary continues to be popular
Puzzle ‘Tsum Tsum’ cumulative downloads exceed 100 million

NHN, which has grown into a comprehensive IT company, is focusing on its core business, ‘games’, this year with three differentiated genres: ‘Webboard’, ‘Casual’, and ‘Midcore’. The plan is to build a foundation for growth in the game business this year through achievements from existing popular games to new ones. ▲Zombie apocalypse game ‘Darkest Days’ confirmed the success potential of mobile shooting role-playing game (RPG) through closed beta testing (CBT) ▲’Line Disney Tsumtsu’, developed by Japanese subsidiary NHN Play Arts, exceeded 100 million downloads Game events such as ▲’Mobile Hangame Poker’, which celebrates its 10th anniversary, and ▲’Stella Fantasy’, a subculture challenger, are scheduled to continue until the second half of the year.

●’Darkest Days’ test completed

NHN successfully completed the first CBT of ‘Darkest Days’ on the 28th of last month. ‘Darkest Days’, which is considered NHN’s most anticipated work of the year, is a shooting RPG set in a devastated world in the zombie apocalypse universe. It is an open world game that supports a variety of guns, melee weapons, and parkour action over obstacles. Users can freely explore the world and acquire the loot necessary for survival. The game proceeds by establishing a ‘shelter’, a place to live, and recruiting survivors to increase the size of the shelter. It is being produced using Unreal Engine with the goal of official release in the third quarter of this year. Supports mobile and PC crossplay.

The reviews for this test, which was the first time the game was released to the public, are good. As it was conducted for technical testing purposes, some development issues remain, but many positive reviews say that it is expected to be an appropriate port of the shooting RPG genre developed mainly on PC and consoles to mobile.

NHN plans to conduct the second CBT as quickly as possible after sufficiently reviewing and reflecting the feedback from users who participated in the first CBT. An NHN official said, “We expect that we will be able to open all specifications and conduct the second CBT before summer at the latest.” He added, “Most of the elements have already been completed, and currently, users can have fun in multiplayer. “We are conducting internal verification focusing on maximizing the parts,” he said.

‘Stella Fantasy’ is also one of the games to keep an eye on in the midcore genre. NHN signed a global publishing contract with Ring Games in February for the collectible RPG ‘Stella Fantasy’ and is preparing the service with the goal of launching within the year. It is a mobile and PC cross-platform game, and features high-quality visuals using the Unreal Engine and the gorgeous actions of a pretty 3D girl character.

An NHN official said, “If the subculture genre was previously a non-mainstream genre enjoyed only by enthusiasts, it has now emerged as a mainstream game, and ‘Stella Fantasy’ has good gameplay, so we expect it to be loved by many users.” .

●Popularity of existing works remains strong

NHN’s existing works are showing their survival by breaking their own records. ‘LINE Disney Tsum Tsum’, a puzzle game developed by NHN Play Arts and serviced by LINE, recently surpassed 100 million downloads globally. Although it is a long-running game that was released in 2014 and celebrated its 10th anniversary last January, it is noteworthy that the number of downloads is continuously increasing. Cumulative sales exceeded approximately 3.3 trillion won as of October last year.

It is a puzzle game featuring cute Disney characters, and is played by connecting the same characters to eliminate them. It gained popularity with Disney characters and, unlike existing puzzle games, used an atypical puzzle shape, gaining popularity, reaching 10 million downloads in just 62 days after its release in Japan.

NHN’s representative web board game ‘Mobile Hangame Poker’, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, plans to present various events in the second half of the year. An NHN official said, “In the case of web board games, our goal is to further expand the user base with differentiated content unique to Hangame,” and added, “We are planning to target each game with the goal of having more users enjoy web board games.” He said.

Meanwhile, NHN is currently preparing 12 new works, of which a total of 6 are ‘Darkest Days’, ‘Wooparu Odyssey Global’, ‘Pebble City’, ‘Project G’, ‘Hidden Witch’, and ‘Stellar Fantasy’. The game is being developed for release this year.

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