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Live clip videos are also provided on the Bugs website, mobile app, and official YouTube channel.

BBB Eunha

BBB Eunha

NHN Bugs announced that it will produce BBG Eunha’s new single ‘I’ll Touch You’ and release it through music platforms such as Bugs at 6 PM on the 9th.

Eunha’s ‘I’ll Touch You’ is a song that conveys a message of warm love and comfort to a lover.

Eunha’s warm voice is added to the soft guitar sound and piano performance to stimulate emotions. Composer Lee Ki-hwan, who was recognized for his skills with hit songs such as ‘Love..What Is That (Jia)’ and ‘Of Course (Huh Gak)’, and Team KIPLE’s Eunlim and Moon were in charge of producing.

Upon the release of the single, NHN Bugs will also release a live clip video of ‘I’ll Caress You’ on the Bugs website, mobile app, and official YouTube channel.

This is a live video that conveys a more poignant atmosphere, with a deep lingering feeling added by Eunha’s sweet tone.

An NHN Bugs official said, “Many people will be able to sympathize with ‘I’ll Touch You,’ which delicately expresses the universal feelings of love.”

Meanwhile, ‘I’ll Touch You’ is the second sound source of the ‘Cliché Project’ that NHN Bugs is conducting to expand its music distribution business.

In January of this year, Noel’s ‘The season when others were cold but we were hot’ was produced and presented. NHN Bugs plans to produce various albums and secure sound source IP through the ‘Cliché Project’, which expresses universal emotional moments through songs.

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