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(My Daily = Reporter Park Seo-yeon) SBS PLUS·ENA ‘I am SOLO’ production company Chonjang Entertainment has temporarily suspended the operation of YouTube channel membership.

On the 5th, Village Chief Entertainment, the production company of ‘I am Solo’, announced through the YouTube channel community, “Village Entertainment TV membership operation will be temporarily suspended.”

He continued, “If you have signed up, please contact us via the email below and we will send you a small souvenir as a token of our gratitude.”

Previously, Village Chief Entertainment said, “YouTube channel Village Chief Entertainment TV YouTube membership has been opened,” and the benefits of membership include real-time streaming of the Village Chief’s YouTube live broadcast, unaired episodes of ‘I Am Solo’, and viewing of the Village Chief’s original content. Paid membership price is 7,990 won per month.

Village Chief Entertainment TV has been conducting live broadcasts after each season of ‘I’m Solo’, revealing the behind-the-scenes broadcast and current status of the contestants. The 16th live broadcast, which was the hottest topic of all time, attracted the attention of ‘I’m Solo’ fans, with about 250,000 people accessing the show.

/ Village Chief Entertainment TV

/ Village Chief Entertainment TV

However, PD Nam Gyu-hong, who is not a professional MC, consistently received unfavorable reactions to the messy proceedings, and netizens especially criticized the membership subscription fee, which was equivalent to most OTT subscription fees.

Moreover, netizens continued to protest as it became known that the paid membership was not negotiated with the broadcasting company. SBS Plus and ENA officials said to My Daily, “Chief Entertainment YouTube content is separate from both channels,” and “We are embarrassed because we did not receive any information in advance, and we are currently looking into it with Village Chief Entertainment.”

In response to this response, Village Chief Entertainment eventually announced that it would temporarily suspend membership operations and said it would send small souvenirs to existing subscribers. However, refunds were not mentioned.

In response, netizens said, “If the membership is discontinued as soon as it is canceled, a refund is correct, right? It’s a small souvenir, right?”, “Is the small souvenir a book from producer Nam Gyu-hong?”, “You can’t believe I’ll receive money through that live broadcast,” and “It’s not a refund, but a souvenir?” “, “If you’re going to give me that money, just don’t watch Labang.”

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