NOW "Netanyahu withdraws plans for retaliatory strike against Iran after phone call with Biden" – Korean Economy VRESP TODAY

Report citing Israeli officials… “The fact that the damage was minor is also a reason for withdrawal.”

NOW "Netanyahu withdraws plans for retaliatory strike against Iran after phone call with Biden"

The New York Times cited two Israeli officials on the 14th as saying that Israel had considered retaliating after Iran’s airstrike on the 13th (local time), but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu withdrew it immediately after a phone call with U.S. President Joe Biden. It was reported.

According to reports, Israel’s war cabinet was scheduled to hold a meeting on the 14th to discuss how to respond to Iran’s attack, including launching a retaliatory attack, but withdrew the plan for a retaliatory attack after a phone call between the leaders of the United States and Israel the day before.

Officials said that one of the reasons for canceling the plan for a retaliatory attack was that Israel successfully blocked the Iranian attack and caused relatively minor damage.

Following Iran’s airstrike the previous day, some members of the war cabinet reportedly expressed the opinion that retaliation should be taken against Iran.

However, it was not reported what specific conversation President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu had.

Previously, President Biden said in a statement issued after a phone call with Prime Minister Netanyahu the previous day that he reaffirmed the United States’ ironclad commitment to Israel’s security.

“I told Prime Minister Netanyahu, ‘By demonstrating Israel’s remarkable capacity to defend and repel an unprecedented attack, we have sent a clear message to Israel’s enemies that they pose no real threat to Israel’s security.’”

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