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Oh Yeon-soo (Photo = Bailey Company)

(Edaily Starin Reporter Choi Hee-jae) Actress Oh Yeon-soo joins the new drama ‘This Close Traitor’.

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘This Intimate Traitor’ is a father-daughter thriller drama in which the two face their daughter’s secrets involved in a murder case being investigated by the country’s best profiler, and pursue the truth in the abyss as they fall apart desperately.

It is attracting attention due to the return of national actor Han Seok-gyu to an MBC drama after about 30 years and the unexpected casting of newcomer Chae Won-bin.

Oh Yeon-soo plays the role of Yoon Ji-su, the ex-wife of Jang Tae-soo (played by Han Seok-gyu) and the mother of Jang Ha-bin (played by Chae Won-bin). Yoon Ji-su is a character at the center of the father-daughter narrative of Jang Tae-soo and Jang Ha-bin, and will play a role in amplifying the mystery of the play.

Oh Yeon-soo has been loved by the public through various transformations regardless of genre through ‘The Snowman’, ‘Jumong’, ‘Bad Guy’, ‘Iris 2’, ‘Triangle’, and ‘Criminal Minds’. She also showed off her strong charisma in the recent drama ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’, where she played the role of the first female army division commander. In ‘This Close Traitor’, she will exude her sorrowful and mysterious atmosphere, leading to immersion in the play.

Above all, interest is focused on the meeting of Han Seok-gyu and Oh Yeon-soo, who became a married couple. The two reunited in a work for the first time in about 31 years since the 1993 MBC drama ‘Son and Daughter’.

EP Namgoong Seong-woo, who planned ‘This Close Traitor,’ said, “The mere fact that two actors who shared the history of MBC dramas met again in an MBC drama is an important point that makes us look forward to ‘This Close Traitor.’ He expressed his confidence in the drama, saying, “Please look forward to and support the acting of these two actors whose presence shines just by their names alone.”

‘This Intimate Traitor’ is the work of writer Han A-young, who won the 2021 MBC Drama Script Contest with overwhelming support from the judges. Producer Song Yeon-hwa, who proved her outstanding directing ability through the MBC drama ‘Wild Boar Hunting’, took charge of directing. It is a work with a solid story, attractive characters, and dramatic fun, and it has emerged as MBC’s most anticipated work in the second half of 2024.

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