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- Pal World’s new raid ‘Bella’ series
– Pal World’s new raid ‘Bella’ series

Pocket Fair ‘Pal World’ was one of the most enjoyable games I played recently. I played so deeply that I completely emptied all the content in a short period of time. From breeding to tower conquest to base automation, nothing was left untouched.

However, perhaps it was because I enjoyed it too quickly, the content was depleted and burnout came quickly. I soon said goodbye to Pal World for a while until a new update came. And finally, the raids ‘Bella Noir’ and ‘Bella Rouge’, which can be called new end content, have appeared.

With my heart pounding, I went to experience the new raid. To summon a raid boss, you need ‘stone pieces’. It can be obtained from dungeon clear reward boxes and boxes within prohibited areas. You can make ‘Slab’ at the crafting table with 4 stone pieces. This is a challenge using the new building ‘Altar of Summoning’.

It was different from what I expected as it was a raid held at a base, but I prepared diligently. We emptied the existing base and built a new base on a large flat area to understand the boss pattern. Eventually, I collected all the ‘Belaruge’ stone tablets and attempted a two-player clear with an acquaintance.

The result of my first try was defeat, all the buildings I had built were destroyed, and the boss’s health was very high. Not long after, my eyes became dark as I saw ‘Failing’ plastered on the Pal status window. After feeling that things couldn’t go on like this, she decided to strengthen her farming for the first time in a long time.

- I don't know how long it's been since I've been swept away like this.
– I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve been swept away like this.

■ The combat power of Bella ‘Noir’ and Bella ‘Rouge’ is the difference between heaven and earth.

- Bella Noir was a simple difficulty that did not require any special settings.
– Bella Noir was a simple difficulty that did not require any special settings.

I was surprised that ‘Belaruge’, who I met during my first tryout, had stronger specifications than I expected. Eventually, we arrived at the truth, and Belarusu was a stronger boss than ‘Bellanoir’. To put it simply, I skipped the middle boss and went to catch the final boss, and then got scolded.

The stone pieces needed to summon Bella Noir were easy to obtain in low-level dungeons. It didn’t take long to gather the ingredients needed for the summoning. For the purpose of testing how much the difficulty differs, I did not set up anything at the base and filled it with the legendary pals I had caught so far.

But for some reason, this was easily caught even without the player doing anything. Bella Noir has the specs of level 30 and 294,000 stamina, but it deals very well due to its low defense.

In the end, Bella Noir, who had been summoned, left in vain. As a reward, I received ‘Large Egg of Darkness’, ‘Heat-resistant Winter Underwear’, and ‘Core of Ancient Civilization’ that can be used to obtain Bella Noir. Still, bella noir is not the main dish. It was decided to make all preparations to capture Belarus, which had inflicted a bitter defeat.

■ Big game to take on Belarus “I will become stronger myself”

- Pals are relatively helpless in front of Belarus, so the player must make up for the lack of dealing.
– Pals are relatively helpless in front of Belarus, so the player must make up for the lack of dealing.

I realized something when I tried Belarus for the first time. Due to the habit of randomly teleporting within the base, the ‘arena’ built in advance is not very meaningful. Due to the strong attack power, there was a high possibility that the combat pals would fall helplessly.

Because of this, we decided to set up a setting that would allow players to become stronger themselves. With four ‘Sharkids’ whose attack power increases just by entering them into the entry, I adopted a strategy of shooting using pals with good mobility and durability, such as ‘Grey Shadow’.

I considered making several sets of combat pals and constantly replacing them in the pal box, but after the patch, the dealing of the pals was somehow cut in half, so I gave up on this method. I worked hard to enrich Sharkid and drink memory erasing potion to increase the player’s attack power.

Eventually, after completing preparations, we confidently launched and began our attack. Belarusu was not a boss who required gimmicks. It was a raid where simple DPS, pals, and player specs were important. Most of the attacks used by the boss had clear foreshadowing and the attack range was indicated, so it was not difficult to avoid.

- Nightmare Ray of Light, one of the patterns to watch out for
– Nightmare Ray of Light, one of the patterns to watch out for

There were two special patterns: the nightmare ray and the attribute change pattern. Nightmare’s beam of light initially shoots lasers in a straight line, but then spreads out in a circle, expanding its range. When the range of destruction begins to widen, you can dodge inward and enter. When you’re inside, you can easily deal because it exposes its head, which is its weak point.

The attribute change pattern is used when health drops below 10%. It turns over and emits intense light, unconditionally freezing nearby players and pals and recovering their health. Looking at the numbers, my stamina increased from 39,435 to 174,183, recovering a total of about 130,000 stamina.

From this moment on, Belarusian attributes will change from Dark to Ice. It is also the first pal whose properties are changed. Taking into account recovering stamina, you can win if you lose about 600,000 stamina within the 10-minute time limit.

– Attribute change pattern used when health falls below 10%

Fortunately, the strategy I prepared worked well and I was able to clear it easily. Rewards include ‘Large Egg of Darkness’, ‘Heat Resistant Winter Underwear +2’, ‘Fruit of Solidity’, ‘Core of Ancient Civilization’, and ‘Slate of Belarus (Ultimate)’ from which you can obtain Belarus. I put it in.

Among these, the reward to pay attention to is the ‘Fruit of Solidity’. You can use the ‘talent glasses’ to check the basic stats of each pal, which ranges from 1 to 100. The closer it is to 1, the lower the stat is, and the closer it is to 100, the higher it is. The fruit series that can be obtained as a raid reward has the effect of increasing this base value by 10.

If you want to make your affection pal want to become stronger, this is an attractive reward. (Ultimate) Nando can summon Belarusu, which is much more powerful than regular Nando, but I think it’s still too early to challenge him.

■ The rewards were good and it was fun, but… “Did we really have to do it this way?”

- I finally cleared it.
– I finally cleared it.

- It was closer to a show of strength shown by the player rather than a feeling of fighting together with Pal.
– It was closer to a show of strength shown by the player rather than a feeling of fighting alongside Pal.

I liked the rewards of the raid ‘Bella’ series that first appeared. The motivation itself was sufficient, with fruits that could make pals stronger and eggs that could obtain powerful raid bosses. Defeating raid bosses wasn’t without fun.

However, what was disappointing was the way it proceeded. Because it was summoned within a base, I had to abandon the base I was using. It would have been nice to have an advantage through building, but the boss’s attack power is so high that all surrounding structures are destroyed, so it is virtually meaningless.

I was left wondering if it would have been better if a separate item for securing a base for summoning a boss was provided or the maximum number of bases was increased. In addition, it was also unfortunate that players were forced to become stronger because the required DPS could not be met by fighting with pals.

- The bases created in advance were meaningless as they were all wiped out with strong attack power.
– The bases created in advance were meaningless as they were all wiped out with strong attack power.

It was a raid that could have been quite disappointing for players who expected a romantic way of fighting with Pal. It’s not that the player gets stronger and fights directly is bad, but it’s a shame that clearing using pals is impossible due to lack of DPS.

The reporter cleared the Normal Difficulty with two people, but the Ultimate Difficulty requires at least four people. It may not be impossible to clear through solo play, but it requires extremely high specifications, so it seems like only a very small number of players can do it right now.

With the launch of this raid, we expect to be able to present more complete content in the future. It’s been a while since I logged in to Pal World, and I once again experienced the experience of time being erased in an instant, so I’ll wait for future content.

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