Panibottle was also victimized… Pickpocketing method to snatch 400,000 won in 10 seconds – Chosun Ilbo VRESP

A scene where Panibottle is pickpocketed by a local while traveling in Ethiopia. /YouTube video capture

Panibottle, a ‘travel expert’ with 2.3 million subscribers, was pickpocketed with 400,000 won in cash right in front of him while traveling in Ethiopia. A local man intentionally spit on Pany Bottle’s clothes, pretended to wipe his teeth with his own clothes, and then searched his pants pockets and took his wallet.

On the YouTube channel ‘Theo’, the video ‘Pani Bottle with Resonance – Ethiopia – Round 2 Part 1’ of ‘Earth Mabul World Travel 2’ was uploaded on the 4th. In the video, while Pani Bottle and actor Gong Myung were wandering around looking for a travel agency in Ethiopia on the weekend, they stopped when they suddenly heard the voice of a local calling out to Pani Bottle on the street.

There was foreign matter on Panibottle’s outerwear, and the local man who had called him came over and wiped the foreign matter off with his own clothes. Pani Bottle looked at the local man cleaning his clothes with a puzzled expression, saying, “What did I get on myself?” This local man kept wiping off his clothes, saying, “I’m sorry,” but at this time, he appeared to be touching Pani Bottle’s clothes in a suspicious manner.

The local man cleaned his clothes like this for about 10 seconds, and when he was about to ask Panibottle a question, he turned around and walked away. The local man hurriedly left in a vehicle that was following slowly along the road. Panibottle said, “It just goes. “I was going to ask you,” he said, “did you spit here?” and the production crew filming him said, “I spit it, but it passed right by and I got hit.” Panibottle and Gongmyeong went on their way without noticing anything.

Panibottle noticed that his wallet had been pickpocketed. /YouTube video capture

However, while returning to the hotel, Panibottle suddenly seemed to remember something and stopped, reached into his pants pocket and said, “Oh, wait a minute.” The wallet I had put in my pants pocket had disappeared.

Panibottle hurriedly searched the backpack he was wearing, but there was no wallet there either. Panibottle looked dejected and said, “My wallet was stolen. just now. “It’s a trick,” Gong Myung said, and as if he couldn’t believe it, he asked, “Really?” Panibottle said, “I spit on it on purpose and took it. wallet. “I had it in my pocket here,” he said, devastated.

While the production crew was filming with a camera, a bold act of pickpocketing occurred, but neither the cast nor the production crew noticed it. Fortunately, the production crew had the card, and the 400,000 won in cash in the wallet was stolen. Gongmyeong said, “So, when I tried to talk to you, you just walked away.” Panibottle laughed in vain and said, “You were even filming it with a camera? Somehow, I wiped it off with clothes. “I didn’t know.”

The production crew suggested reporting it to the police, but Panibottle said, “To be honest, it’s a waste of time. “Even if I show everything and show my face, I will never find him,” he said, giving up on arresting the pickpocket.

In January 2022, while traveling in South America, Panibottle had its entire laptop bag containing approximately 1.5 million won worth of dollars, a laptop, and video work stolen. My bag was stolen while I was taking a nap while riding the bus. Also, while traveling in Ukraine, I had my bag containing my wallet, passport, and check card stolen.

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