Park Ji-hyun, No. 1 star with fresh voice and visuals – Maeil Business Newspaper VRESP

Singer Park Ji-hyun was selected as the number one star with a fresh voice and visuals suitable for spring.

‘Which star has a fresh voice and visuals suitable for spring?’ was held on Idol Chart from April 1st to April 7th. In the survey, Park Ji-hyun came in first place, receiving 23,667 votes (about 36% of the vote) out of her total of 65,969 votes.

Second place went to singer Hong Ji-yoon, who received 23,250 votes (about 35% of the vote). He was followed by Hwang Young-woong (3,365 votes), Jeon Yu-jin (3,287 votes), Bae Hyun (2,385 votes), Kim Ki-tae (1,749 votes), Jeong Seo-ju (1,609 votes), Kim Hee-jae (1,444 votes), Kwon Eun-bi (1,122 votes), and Ha Sung-woon. (1047 votes), Park Ji-hoon (1025 votes), Roy Kim (881 votes), New Jeans Hani (282 votes), Zero Base One Seong Han-bin (268 votes), ITZY Yuna (162 votes), Espa Winter (155 votes), The tally was followed by (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi (117 votes), Le Seraphim’s Eunchae (96 votes), Rise’s Seongchan (46 votes), and Tours’ Kyungmin (12 votes).

The results of the survey can be checked in the Idol Chart ‘POLL’ menu. Currently, ‘Which star would you like to invite to the school festival first?’ A survey is in progress on this topic.

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