Park Joong-hoon reveals Ahn Sung-ki’s current status after fighting blood cancer… Cheering for Kim Hye-soo "special people" – MBC News VRESP

  1. Park Joong-hoon reveals Ahn Sung-ki’s current status after fighting blood cancer… Kim Hye-soo cheers for “special people”MBC News
  2. Ahn Seong-ki’s current status after ‘fighting blood cancer’… Park Joong-hoon “Take care of yourself”Newsis
  3. Ahn Seong-gi, ‘suffering from blood cancer → in recovery’, good news… Hyesoo Kim “It’s so special”daily sports
  4. Park Joong-hoon personally reports on Ahn Seong-ki’s recent status after fighting blood cancer, “I’m doing well”: Nate Entertainmentnate news
  5. ‘Blood cancer’ Ahn Seong-gi, Park Joong-hoon’s latest news… Kim Hye-soo also cheers for a “special person” (★SHOT!)Chosun Ilbo

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