Park Myung-soo "What if Shin Yoon-seung and Jo Soo-yeon get married? Society, congratulatory song, and congratulatory money: 5 million won" (RE:TV) – News 1 VRESP

  KBS 2TV ‘The Boss’s Ears Are Donkey Ears’ broadcast screen capture
KBS 2TV ‘The Boss’s Ears Are Donkey Ears’ broadcast screen capture

Comedians Park Myeong-soo, Kim Hak-rae, and Lim Mi-seon supported the marriage of their juniors Shin Yun-seung and Su-yeon Jo, and each offered unconventional congratulatory wishes.

In the KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘The Boss’s Ears Are Donkey Ears’ (directed by Sang-eun Ahn/hereinafter referred to as ‘Sadangwi’), which aired at 4:40 pm on the 7th, a scene was depicted where senior comedians cheered for the marriage of popular comedians Shin Yun-seung and Su-yeon Jo.

On this day, Hak-rae Kim, Mi-seon Lim, and Myeong-soo Park smiled happily after watching ‘How Do You Like Defcon?’ by comedian juniors Shin Yun-seung and Su-yeon Jo. Lim Mi-seon connected with Shin Yun-seung and Su-yeon Jo, saying, “They are so cute, and I wish they would get married.” To this, Shin Yun-seung responded, “This is my first time meeting you, so I can’t be rude,” making her laugh.

In the atmosphere of entanglement between the two, Jo Soo-yeon responded positively, saying, “I still wanted to get some advice,” while Shin Yun-seung explained, “We are a couple only on broadcast.” In response, Lim Mi-seon responded by saying, “We did that too, but then we got married,” and “There is no tree that cannot be felled by taking 10 shots.” She advised Su-yeon Jo, “Take (Shin Yun-seung).”

When Soo-yeon Jo expressed her sincerity, saying, “I really want to get married,” Myung-soo Park asked Shin Yun-seung, “Has Yoon-seung ever been excited?” In response, Shin Yun-seung said, “During the performance, for just one moment, a fleeting moment, I was smiling a little, and I thought, ‘Does this person have this side?'” and “But the next time I blinked, it was gone.” He revealed the moment he was excited by Su-yeon Jo.

Park Myung-soo caught the wind by saying to Kim Hak-rae, “Then, at the association level, please do something if the two of you get married.” In response, Lim Mi-seon made an unconventional offer, saying, “Myeong-soo will emcee, Hak-rae will officiate, and I will unconditionally give you the second branch of our chain.” In addition, Park Myung-soo shouted, “If you get married this year, you will be blessed with a ‘fool to a fool’ and give 500 congratulatory money,” and Lim Mi-sun pushed Shin Yun-seung to Su-yeon Jo, saying, “Kiss me right away, kiss me right away,” encouraging her to get married.

Meanwhile, Hak-rae Kim unlocked his watch and shouted, “Get 6,000 (10,000 won).” The panelists who were watching this were surprised and responded, “I guess I should do that,” and Su-yeon Jo pressed her lips to Shin Yun-seung, saying, “Senior, please do it, just do it.” Shin Yun-seung desperately refused to kiss her, and she shouted, “Give me Gaoliangju,” making her laugh.

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