Park Seong-hoon visits Kim Ji-won and threatens him "The one who saves you is me, not Kim Soo-hyun." (‘Queen of Tears’) (Oh! Sen review) – Chosun Ilbo VRESP

(OSEN=Reporter Choi Ji-yeon) ‘Queen of Tears’ Park Seong-hoon came to Kim Ji-won and threatened her.

In the tvN Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Queen of Tears’ (written by Park Ji-eun, directed by Jang Young-woo and Kim Hee-won) that aired on the 7th, Yoon Eun-seong (played by Park Seong-hoon) came to Yongduri in search of Hong Hae-in (played by Kim Ji-won).

Yoon Eun-seong, who found Hong Hae-in, scratched her insides, saying, “Is it my ex-husband’s hometown where he went into hiding after cutting off news? I’m disappointed.” Eunseong Yoon warned, “Now you know. I’m a bad guy who will do anything. So Haein, don’t make me think even worse.”

Hong Hae-in was dumbfounded and asked, “Are you threatening me?” and Yoon Eun-seong said, “That’s right, I’m threatening you. I’m going to threaten you properly from now on, so listen carefully. I’ve seen your doctor’s opinion. But the doctor said he can’t tell me any more, so I’m your guardian. “Because it’s not,” he said.

He said, “So, I want to become your guardian.” He said, “Oh, I think I’m crazy. You said you don’t have time. Then, I don’t have time either, so I’m crazy and there’s nothing I can’t do.”

When Hong Hae-in turned around and said, “Okay, do whatever you want. I’m not scared, either.” Yoon Eun-seong said, “Your parents don’t know that you’re sick. Why didn’t you tell them until now? It’s because you’re scared. They’ve already lost their children once.” I stabbed the place.

As Hong Hae-in was shocked, Yoon Eun-seong said, “If you want to see how I destroy the people you want to protect, continue like this. If you don’t like it, don’t stay here and come back. The department store representative position is still vacant. I’ll give you two days. “Come to the press conference,” he instructed.

“Leave the rest to me. When Hong Hae-in couldn’t reply to Yoon Eun-seong’s words, “I’m the one who will save you, not Baek Hyun-woo,” Hong Soo-cheol (Kwak Dong-yeon) appeared and attacked Yoon Eun-seong. Hong Soo-cheol cried and begged, “Where is Da-hye? Please just tell me that she’s fine,” but Yoon Eun-seong didn’t even answer.

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