“Please don’t misunderstand” Chae-rim met ex-husband Gao Zi-chi.. Reunion rumors blocked – Chosun Ilbo VRESP

(OSEN=Reporter Kang Seo-jeong) Actress Chae-rim met her ex-husband, Chinese actor Gao Zi-qi, and spent time with their son.

On the 7th, Chae-rim revealed the daily life of Gao Zi-qi and her son, saying, “Have I ever worked harder in my life than for you? My precious treasure.. for you.. What is so important!”

In the photo, Gao Ziqi and his son are seen as a loving father and son, riding rides and playing games in an arcade at an amusement park in Jeju Island.

Chae-rim has recently been living on Jeju Island with her son, and it appears that Gao Zi-qi came to Jeju Island and spent time with them.

In particular, Chae-rim revealed the first time they spent time together after divorcing Gao Zi-qi, and he asked, “Please don’t misunderstand.” Chae-rim appears to have met together for her son.

Chae-rim and Gao Zi-qi became lovers while appearing in the Chinese CCTV drama ‘The Lee Family’, and became a couple by getting married in 2014. That year, they held two weddings in Korea and China and received much congratulations. After three years of marriage, in December 2017, they welcomed their first son into their arms.

However, in March 2019, they were embroiled in divorce rumors following reports from Chinese media. A year and a half later, she broke the news of her divorce in December 2020, after six years of marriage. /[email protected]

(Photo) OSEN DB, Chae-rim

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