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▲A relief vehicle with a hole in the roof due to an accidental bombing by the Israeli military (Yonhap News)

The Polish government claimed that its citizens were killed in an accidental explosion of an Israeli military relief vehicle, and insisted that its prosecutors should participate in the investigation of the incident.

According to Reuters on the 5th (local time), Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Shejna met with reporters and said, “We want the (Polish) prosecutor’s office to participate in the criminal and disciplinary proceedings of the soldiers responsible for this murder.”

Polish prosecutors announced on the 3rd that they had begun their own investigation into the death of Damian Sobul (35), a citizen of the relief organization World Central Kitchen (WCK), from an accidental Israeli bombing in the Gaza Strip.

On this day, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Israeli Ambassador Yakov Livne and demanded an explanation for the accidental bombing incident and Ambassador Livne’s remarks that caused controversy.

On the 2nd, Ambassador Livne posted a post on social media, saying that Poland’s extremist right and left are accusing (the false bombing) of Israel’s intentional murder and that “Anti-Semites will always remain anti-Semites.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Shayna said after Tsozzi that “Ambassador Livne apologized for this unprecedented incident in the history of the civilized world” and that he would not be expelled.

Israel and Poland have been experiencing diplomatic conflict over historical awareness issues surrounding the Nazi Holocaust and Poland’s position at the time.

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