Professor Graziano Rossi of Sejong University participates in producing the world’s largest 3D space map – Cheonji Ilbo VRESP

Rossi, professor of physics at Sejong University. (Provided by: Sejong University) ⓒCheonji Ilbo 2024.04.07.

(Cheonji Ilbo = Reporter Hong Bo-young) Sejong University announced on the 7th that the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) joint research team led by Professor Graziano Rossi of the Department of Physics and Astronomy produced the world’s largest 3D space map on the 4th.

DESI is a scientific research equipment that investigates distant galaxies spectroscopically and astronomically, and is expected to enable experiments to explore the expansion history of the universe and the unknown physical phenomenon of dark energy. Built and operated with funds from the DOE Office of Science, it is currently located atop the 4-meter Maill Telescope at Kittpeak National Observatory, a program of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) National Optical Infrared Astronomy Laboratory (NOIRLab).

The newly created map captures galaxies and quasars in unprecedented detail. One year of DESI data alone surpassed previous related maps and confirmed the fundamentals of the best cosmological models. The DESI joint research team used this map to look back on the past 11 billion years of history and study the expansion rate of the universe, securing a leading dark energy measurement method.

The DESI joint research team is an international collaborative research team comprised of more than 900 researchers from more than 70 institutions around the world. Professor Rossi is one of the ‘Builders’ of the research team and currently serves as the chairman of the meetings committee. Last year, he and Sejong University graduate researcher Moon Jeong-in (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics) first detected baryon acoustic vibration signals through the first two months of DESI data.

Professor Rossi said, “Being part of the world-leading DESI research team in the field of cosmology is a great asset for Sejong University,” and added, “This result, which opened a new phase in cosmology, was largely consistent with the current standard model of cosmology, but there were some interesting differences. It was also visible. “As more DESI data accumulates over the next few years, surprising discoveries will follow.”

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