‘Pyeon Restaurant’ Jin Seo-yeon, extreme hunger ahead of commercial… “I didn’t even drink water on the day of filming” – Maeil Business Newspaper VRESP

‘Pyeon Restaurant’. Photo l KBS2 broadcast screen capture

‘Pyeon Restaurant’ Jin Seo-yeon showed off her professional side.

In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘New Release Edition’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Pyeon Restaurant’) broadcast on the 5th, Jin Seo-yeon’s special outing to Seoul, the leader of the Jeju family, was broadcast.

On this day, Jin Seo-yeon came to Seoul for a commercial shoot and said, “I don’t wear makeup at all when I’m in Jeju Island. Jeju Island’s wind and sunlight are good. “The natural blemishes are so pretty,” she said. “I don’t wear sunscreen,” she said. Boom, who heard that, was worried, “(then) we’ll be in big trouble,” and Lee Yeon-bok jokingly said, “You’re getting older quickly.”

Jin Seo-yeon said, “I couldn’t eat anything for a few days because of today’s advertisement. This is a period of extreme concentration. “It’s not another ad, it’s a diet ad, so you shouldn’t have any flab,” he said. “In times like this, you shouldn’t exercise. If I exercise without eating anything, my body becomes saggy and looks bad. Eat mainly protein that is easily digested. The staple foods are cabbage and tofu. “I don’t even drink water on the day of filming,” he said.

Jin Seo-yeon, who stayed on an empty stomach for 15 hours for filming, was distressed when she saw the staff eating. She especially laughed when she pushed her face into the bread and smelled it.

Meanwhile, KBS2’s entertainment program ‘Newly Released Convenience Restaurant’ revealed entertainment industry stars’ special menus that would be a shame to eat alone, and among these, the menu that won through the evaluation of the menu evaluation team was a new concept convenience store product that was actually released in convenience stores across the country the day after the broadcast. It is a survival program.

(Park Jeong-su, Star Today guest reporter)

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