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(Cnet Korea = Reporter Hyunjong Yoon) OLED, which has excellent contrast ratio and accurate color expression close to pure color, is quickly taking over the gaming monitor market following TV. This OLED gaming monitor, which is always pointed out as a problem due to burn-in, which is the most critical problem among monitors, has continued to develop in just two years since its launch and has reached a level that meets the demanding standards of gamers.

Dell Alienware has always been at the forefront of technological advancements and trends. Dell Technologies’ gaming gear brand ‘Alienware’, which has pursued only the best performance every year, is once again taking a step ahead with a gaming monitor with alien-like specifications. The world’s first 4K QD-OLED gaming monitor, Dell’s ‘Alienware AW3225QF’.

Dell Alienware AW3225QF QD-OLED curved gaming monitor review (Video = Cnet Korea YouTube channel)

■ 4K Dolby Vision Harmony created by 3rd generation QD-OLED

AW3225QF is the company’s first QD-OLED curved gaming monitor that adopts a 16:9 screen ratio in a 32-inch size. A nearly standard screen optimized for PC and console games and watching movies has finally been released. The panel was Samsung Display’s 3rd generation QD-OLED.

The curved curvature is 1700R based on frontal viewing, the resolution is 4K UHD (3,840×2,160 pixels), and the refresh rate is up to 240Hz. Two years ago, Samsung Electronics introduced a UHD/240Hz monitor with its gaming gear ‘Odyssey Neo G8’, but it was a Quantum Mini LED panel. The world’s first OLED is the AW3225QF.

The Dell Alienware AW3225QF was launched in North America last January as the world’s first OLED gaming monitor with up to UHD/240Hz performance. (Photo = Cnet Korea)

The response speed is 0.03ms (GtG standard) and the contrast ratio is 1,000,000:1. The screen brightness is about 250 cd based on SDR, and the peak luminance increases up to 1,000 cd during HDR. Although the panel-based luminance has not increased compared to the previous generation, color expression has improved.

This is due to the ultra-precision pico inkjet process, which is a feature of the 3rd generation QD-OLED. Thanks to this, 60% more pixels can be stored in the same area, and the number of pixels per inch has improved by about 27% from 110 PPI to 140 PPI compared to the previous generation. The color gamut is also 99% based on DCI-P3, and TUV-certified Comfort View Plus technology reduces eye fatigue when using the monitor for long periods of time. Additionally, the use of an anti-glare panel that reduces light reflection makes it more convenient to use even in bright places.

AW3225QF equipped with Samsung Display’s 3rd generation QD-OLED. QD-OLED is a blue OLED light source that expresses color using quantum dot RGB material, so it is more advantageous in expressing color and pure color because it does not go through a filter. (Photo = Cnet Korea)

As the resolution increases, the screen becomes clearer and readability also improves. This issue, which is constantly raised among the evaluations that OLED is not good for use as a monitor, has also increased with the increase in PPI, reducing blurring of text and making the screen clearer.

Here, Dell joined hands with Dolby Laboratories, a leading video and audio technology company. The AW3225QF, which supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies, implements extreme contrast ratios close to real black while also enabling the use of stereoscopic sound, an object sound that can only be encountered in theaters. By capturing the visual and auditory experience found only in Dolby Cinema in this monitor, Dell Alienware has made it easier to enjoy high-quality OTT content such as movies and dramas in addition to games.

Xbox Series (Photo = Cnet Korea)

Xbox Series

Playing ‘Gran Turismo 7’, one of Sony’s PlayStation 5 representative racing games. PS5 also supports UHD/120Hz connection and can also activate and operate advanced features such as ALLM and VRR. (Photo = Cnet Korea)

The strengths of QD-OLED, which best expresses pure colors, were fully applied to the AW3225QF. When playing a triple-A game, the ability to express dark places and the burning flames are so immersive that it can be mistaken for the real thing. In addition to the HDMI 2.1 port, up to UHD/120Hz refresh rate, automatic low-latency mode (ALLM) and VRR functions supported by the console are also advantages. It handles all genres, including games with cinematic stories and visuals, fighting games, FPS, and racing games.

AW3225QF is also NVIDIA G-Sync compatible and supports Besa Adaptive Sync, which reduces tearing. However, AMD FreeSync Premium is not supported.

Dell Alienware AW3225QF Monitor Stand (Photo = Cnet Korea)

■ ‘Alienware Legend ID’ premium design reaches its peak… A stand faithful to the basics

Dell Alienware AW3225QF adopts the ‘Alienware Legend ID’ design with white and black color accents. It is also the thinnest display panel since the adoption of QD-OLED. From the monitor stand to the back of the body, the plastic material has been curved and finished in various places to create a more luxurious look. The overall color is centered around white and is finished in black here and there.

The thickness of the monitor is 7mm at its thinnest point, and the rear part where the main components of the monitor are gathered is thicker, but it is expressed as a 360-degree ventilation hole for optimal heat management, combining functionality and design. The back has the Alienware logo and ’32’, which stands for 32-inch size, allowing for a variety of RGB lighting effects. AW3225QF has RGB lighting in a total of 3 locations, and you can also add spectrum effects such as monochromatic to rainbow colors in the monitor OSD menu or the dedicated app ‘Alien FX’.

The AW3225QF monitor stand features a V-shape and a luxurious finish in white and black colors. (Photo = Cnet Korea)

The monitor stand is quite heavy, but it supports the monitor perfectly. In the case of other company’s gaming monitor stands, the stand is light and the stand often moves when adjusting the angle, but this is not the case with the Dell Alienware gaming monitor. Although it weighs quite a bit when installed, it thoroughly performs the basic role of firmly fixing the monitor once it is connected to the monitor body.

The anti-slip rubber pad installed under the V-shaped stand completely touches the desk surface, preventing the monitor stand from moving when adjusting angles such as tilt and swivel. It is also equipped with an elevation function, allowing the height to be adjusted up to 110mm, allowing you to use it while looking at the monitor at a comfortable angle.

Back of Dell Alienware AW3225QF monitor stand. This curved rear part is designed to open slightly at the top so that the cables fall neatly from top to bottom. (Photo = Cnet Korea)

The line organization is also good. It is convenient to create a tunnel in the monitor stand so that the cables connected to the port can be naturally organized from top to bottom, and the rear part is designed to be slightly raised, allowing the cables to be naturally organized under the desk. The monitor cover can also be gently removed by applying a slight downward force without using any force. This is the part where you can feel luxury and meticulousness.

In addition, the Besa mount hole supports a size of 100x100mm, and when installed on a desk, a space of at least 30.5cm vertically and 71.5cm horizontally is required.

Two HDMI 2.1 ports and one DP 1.4 version port. The HDMI port also supports eARC, allowing you to enjoy games and movies with spatial sound by connecting to premium speakers that support Dolby Atmos sound. In addition, it has good usability and convenience with 3 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port that can charge a mobile device, and 1 USB-B upstream port. (Photo = Cnet Korea)

The port configuration includes two HDMI 2.1 ports and one DP version 1.4, for a total of three monitor output ports. Both ports can be used in 4K/240Hz, and the first HDMI port supports eARC, making it ideal for use with premium soundbars that provide Dolby Atmos sound.

In addition, you can use one USB-B upstream port and three USB-A ports to connect to an external hard drive, gaming keyboard, or mouse as a monitor rather than directly connecting to a PC. In particular, the USB-C port at the bottom provides a power delivery function, allowing charging by connecting to a smartphone or tablet PC, thereby increasing usability.

Dell Alienware AW3225QF QD-OLED curved gaming monitor (Photo = Cnet Korea)

■ Dell ‘Alienware AW3225QF’… Amazing 4K Dolby Vision gaming experience presented by QD-OLED

Dell’s ‘Alienware AW3225QF’ is a product that sets the standard for how 4K QD-OLED gaming monitors will be released in 2024. Dell Alienware has always been a leader in this segment. This gaming monitor would be a good choice for users who do not mind the price if it means meeting the future first.

The interesting part is that the price is so good that it doesn’t feel like the Dell Alienware premium. In the 2024 OLED gaming monitor lineup, AW3225QF is sold for around 1.75 million won based on Dell Technologies’ official website.

The OLED warranty policy proposed by Dell Technologies is 3 years. This is one year longer than the average of two years compared to competitor products. If you consider an OLED gaming monitor priced in the mid to high 1 million won range, psychological satisfaction is bound to increase even more due to the warranty policy.

Alien vision overlay mode provided in AW3225QF. From ‘Night’ mode, which makes it easier to see enemies in dark places, to ‘Crosshair’ mode, which makes it easier to aim accurately at the target. You can choose from five modes, including ‘Bino’, which helps you aim at distant enemies more easily. (Photo = Cnet Korea)

Thanks to the 3rd generation 4K QD-OLED panel, AW3225QF has a unique design and can be called a professional monitor if you remove the stereotype of a gaming monitor. It provides a DCI-P3 color gamut of close to 100% and a factory calibration report, allowing you to work while viewing the most accurate colors, close to pure colors. The color mode also has options for customization other than the game genre, and for creators, it is possible to work based on color gamuts commonly used in the design and video industry, such as DCI-P3 and sRGB.

It is also equipped with colors optimized for game genres such as FPS, RPG, and sports, warm/cool tones, and various color modes for creators, making it suitable for use by professionals who mainly work on video and graphics in addition to games. (Photo = Cnet Korea)

Another strength is that you can create Dolby Cinema on your desk with a single 32-inch monitor. If you place a speaker that supports Dolby Atmos using Dolby Vision and eARC on your desk, the place becomes a theater. If you are a generation more familiar with OTT than theaters, this will be an advantage.

The Dell Alienware AW3225QF 4K QD-OLED curved gaming monitor was officially launched in Korea last February and can be purchased on the official Dell Technologies website.

More information
Panel type/coating QD-OLED / Anti-glare coating
Resolution/refresh rate UHD (3,840×2,160 pixels) / up to 240Hz
Pixel pitch per inch (PPI) 0.1814×0.1814mm (140 PPI)
contrast ratio 1,000,000:1
screen ratio 16:9 (32 inches)
Screen brightness (maximum peak brightness) 1,000cd/m2 (HDR peak luminance, 250cd in SDR)
response speed 0.03ms(GtG)
lightning Alien FX Lightning
Besa mount size 100x100mm
Size (including stand, WxHxD) 715.56 x 472 x 305.72mm
Weight (including stand) 14.39kg
Port Configuration HDMI 2.1 (2 pcs.), DP 1.4 (1 pc.), USB-B (1 pc.), USB-A (3 pcs.), USB-C (1 pc., supports charging only)

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