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‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-jin (37, Hanwha) experienced the worst nightmare after his professional debut.

Ryu Hyun-jin started against Kiwoom in the professional baseball regular season away game held at Gocheok Dome in Seoul on the 5th, but was battered with 9 hits and 9 runs in 4 1/3 innings and was kicked out in the 5th inning. He also used the yoke of defeat. His long-awaited first win on his return to the domestic stage also went in vain, and his earned run average jumped from 3.72 to 8.36.

In the 2024 Shinhan Bank SOL Bank KBO League game between Hanwha Eagles and Kiwoom held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the afternoon of the 5th, Hanwha Ryu Hyun-jin is frustrated after allowing consecutive runs in the bottom of the 5th inning. On this day, Ryu Hyun-jin took the mound and pitched 4.1 innings, allowing 9 hits, 2 walks, 2 strikeouts, and 9 runs, and was kicked out early without even completing the 5th inning. 2024.4.5/News1 ⓒ News1 Reporter Park Ji-hye

Ryu Hyun-jin, who volunteered to rest for an extra day when the game on the 3rd was canceled due to rain, returned to the mound for the first time in six days. He cruised without allowing any runs until the fourth inning. Hanwha’s batting line scored 1 run in the 3rd inning and 3 runs in the 4th inning, supporting Ryu Hyun-jin, and seemed to be on the verge of victory for the first time in 4211 days since the Jamsil Doosan game on September 25, 2012.

However, in the 5th inning, when the winning pitcher requirement was met, the pitch suddenly faltered. He gave up a hit to the first batter, Kim Hwi-jip, and then sent out Lee Hyeong-jong with a straight walk. As the number of pitches exceeded 60, the control wavered. Kiwoom’s 8th batter, Kim Jae-hyun, was hit by a double to left field, allowing the first run, and then seven consecutive hits were allowed to Su-jong Park, Joo-hyung Lee, Ronnie Dawson, Hye-sung Kim, Joo-hwan Choi, and Hwi-jip Kim. There was no time to catch one’s breath due to the aggressive attack of Kiwoom’s batters, who actively turned the bat from the first pitch. In the end, Ryu Hyun-jin came down from the mound with 1 out and 1st and 3rd bases after being defeated 4-7. Follow-up pitcher Kim Seo-hyun allowed the remaining two runners sent out by Ryu Hyun-jin to score, increasing Ryu Hyun-jin’s runs lost to 9. Ryu Hyun-jin’s pitch count that day was 81. Starting from the 5th inning, when the number of pitches exceeded 60, the speed dropped and the control began to shake and fell apart. Ryu Hyun-jin usually raised the team mood with a smiling and lively expression, but he watched the game with a stern expression from the dugout, as if he could not accept the result himself. Hanwha’s bench delayed replacing the pitcher to support Ryu Hyun-jin’s first win, but it ended up being a defeat.

The KBO League match between Kiwoom and Hanwha held at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 5th. Ryu Hyun-jin, who gave up a comeback by allowing five consecutive hits, is being punished. Gocheok = Reporter Song Jeong-heon [email protected]/2024.04.05

Ryu Hyun-jin’s previous most runs allowed in one KBO League game was 8 (July 18, 2012 against Samsung), and the most runs allowed in one inning was 6 (twice). The most hits in one inning was 6 (top of the 1st inning against Doosan in Daejeon on May 29, 2009), and on this day, this dishonorable record was rewritten. Kiwoom turned the tide by scoring 10 points in the 5th inning and maintained the lead until the end, winning 11 to 7 and winning 5 times in a row. Top hitter Lee Joo-hyung (23) played a leading role in the attack with 3 hits and 2 runs in 5 at-bats. Lee Joo-hyung recorded 10 hits in 13 at-bats (batting average of 0.769) and 6 runs in the 3 games played this season after returning from injury, and is being said that “another LJH (Lee Joo-hyung) will fill the void left by LJH (Lee Jeong-hoo).”

KIA defeated Samsung 5-2 in a home game in Gwangju. KIA (8 wins, 2 losses) surpassed Hanwha (8 wins, 3 losses) and rose to first place. Samsung lost 8 games in a row. In Changwon, the home team NC defeated SSG, which was on a 6-game winning streak, 5-0. Doosan defeated Lotte 4-3 in Sajik, ending their 4-game losing streak. KT defeated LG 8 to 7 in Jamsil after a fierce battle over 10 innings.

The KIA Tigers won 5-2 and regained the lead in the KBO League Gwangju Samsung Lions match held on the 5th. (provided by KIA Tigers)

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