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Kim Min-kyung / Photo = KBS 2TV CEO’s ears are donkey ears

Kim Min-kyung of ‘The Boss’s Ears Are Donkey Ears’ revealed her thoughts on marriage.

In the KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘The Boss’s Ears Are Donkey Ears’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Donkey’), which aired on the 7th, Kim Min-kyung was seen preparing health food for Park Ki-ryang.

On this day, Kim Min-kyung asked the cheerleaders, “Have you ever been greeted by players?” and Seo Hyun-sook said, “Rather, I get more calls from the entertainment industry than from the players. There were idols and actors. After seeing them at the stadium, I said on SNS that I enjoyed it. “I often get contacted via DM,” he said.

In response, Park Ki-ryang was surprised and said, “You’re popular.” He added, “In the past, my agency managed my contacts, but these days, I don’t disclose my personal life. So I don’t know much about such things.”

Kim Min-kyung said she wanted to meet an athlete after looking at her colleagues Heo Min and Oh Nami, who were married to baseball players and soccer players, respectively. “I have a lot of acquaintances of my friends and husbands, so I’m looking into them a lot. (Oh) Nami was looking at her husband’s cell phone and choosing my partner.” He said.

He added, “When I meet people my age, they always say they want to go on a blind date with a soccer player. When I go to the soccer field, I don’t watch the game, but I see the player’s face. FC Seoul player Lim Seung-hyeop is so handsome.”

Also, to the question “Who is your favorite handsome senior/junior in the comedy world?”, Kim Min-kyung answered Song Byeong-cheol. He said, “(Song) Byeong-cheol is handsome,” and “I actually liked him as a member of the opposite sex when I was a rookie. As we were acting as a couple, I got excited without even realizing it.”

Park Ki-ryang mentioned Song Byeong-cheol’s confession that was recently revealed on a program and expressed regret, saying, “Didn’t you two tell each other (that you like each other)?” and Kim Min-kyung said, “Song Byeong-cheol, why don’t you tell me directly and talk about it on air?” It caught my attention.

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