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‘Sadangwi’ Kim Min-kyung “I was scouted as a shot put player” – Maeil Business Newspaper VRESP

‘Sad Angel’ Min-kyung Kim. Photo|KBS

Comedian Min-kyung Kim radiated affection towards Ki-ryang Park.

Min-kyung Kim had time to talk with cheerleaders Ki-ryang Park, Hyun-sook Seo, and Hye-ji Ahn on KBS2’s ‘The Boss’s Ears Are Donkey Ears’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Donkey’), which aired on the 7th.

Kim Min-kyung, who visited Park Ki-ryang’s house that day, prepared a huge amount of food to help Park Ki-ryang recover from his collarbone surgery. Kim Min-kyung filled her table with a variety of foods, starting with her mother’s signature green onion kimchi and loach stew, as well as butter-grilled abalone and grilled eel, which she prepared with great care.

Kim Min-kyung warmly welcomed Park Ki-ryang’s cheerleader colleagues Seo Hyun-sook and Ahn Hye-ji when they arrived home. She soon began her first mukbang with her mother’s delicious loach stew. Min-kyung Kim, whose mother ran a loach stew business, said, “If you come to my house late, you can’t eat. “It’s all sold out,” she said, bragging about her mother’s cooking skills, and then immediately made her mouth water by gulping down her loach stew.

Kim Min-kyung also revealed a tip that adding green onion kimchi to loach stew can make it more delicious. When Ahn Hye-ji said she couldn’t eat green onion kimchi, Kim Min-kyung suggested her chive kimchi and even showed off her sweetness by serving her kimchi herself.

Min-kyung Kim revealed that she was once scouted as a shot put athlete when she was in elementary school. He said he was taken aback by the suggestion because he underestimated his athletic ability. Kim Min-kyung, who first started exercising at the age of 40, revealed her true feelings, saying that she realized her athletic ability late in life.

Next, Min-kyung Kim presented the second mukbang with assorted pancakes and homemade makgeolli made by mixing rice drinks and cider. The meticulousness of preparing non-alcoholic makgeolli for Park Ki-ryang, who is abstaining from drinking, was impressive.

It doesn’t end here, and Kim Min-kyung has prepared a special dessert for the third mukbang. Kim Min-kyung, who was working hard to prepare the dessert by putting 10 ice creams into a kimchi container, said that she was worried whether Seo Hyun-sook would be able to eat them all. When Seo Hyun-sook said she was worried whether she would be able to eat them all, she uttered the famous saying, “Don’t try it and don’t worry.”

Min-kyung Kim, who was having dessert time, saw a fellow comedian who was married to an athlete and expressed her desire to meet an athlete. Privately, she said, she hopes to set up a blind date with a soccer player. She said Onami was looking at her husband’s cell phone while she was picking out her match.

When asked who her best-looking pick is among her seniors and juniors in the comedy world, Kim Min-kyung answered Song Byeong-cheol. He said that when he was a rookie, he actually liked someone of the opposite sex. When Park Ki-ryang mentioned that Song Byeong-cheol confessed to Kim Min-kyung on a recent program, Kim Min-kyung hit the nail on the head by saying, “Song Byeong-cheol, why are you talking about it on the air instead of directly to me?”

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