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(PolyNews Reporter Park Byeong-gyu) Lalal, who recently garnered attention by simultaneously announcing her marriage and pregnancy news, reveals the story of breaking up with her husband in a photo from when they were dating.

Lalal, a popular YouTuber and broadcaster with 1.35 million subscribers, will appear as a special MC on SBS’ ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams Season 2 – You Are My Destiny’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams’), which will air on the 8th. Lalal recently garnered a lot of attention by announcing her marriage to a non-celebrity boyfriend who is 11 years older than her and surprisingly revealing her pregnancy. On this day’s broadcast, Lalal plans to reveal the behind-the-scenes story from her first meeting with her husband to marriage.

In a recent studio recording, Lalal said, “I fell in love with my husband at first sight because he seemed like actor Lee Dong-wook.” Lalal then added, “I met him and he said, ‘My shoulders are too broad,’” adding that she fell in love with her husband’s shoulders once again and started dating him.

Lalal surprised the MCs by saying that she broke up with her husband as soon as she saw the photo she sent during their relationship. Lalal said, “I didn’t even think about it and decided to break up. “At that time, he was really surprised,” he said, raising curiosity. The identity of the photo that led to the decision to break up will be revealed through broadcasting.

Meanwhile, in the preview video released earlier, Lalal aroused laughter with his polar opposite chemistry with actor Ahn Se-ha, who became the official ‘sad left’ of ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams’ due to his constant disappointment with his blunt wife.

To Ahn Se-ha, who said, “I’m not good at saying I’m sad,” Lalal said, “I like to express myself well when I’m sad. He said, “I don’t want to see you stay in the game or feel disappointed all the time,” and threw a no-filter fastball, making him feel disappointed again. In response, Jihye Lee burst out laughing, saying, “You two don’t get along.”

The behind-the-scenes story of Lalal’s love life and his amazing chemistry with ‘Sad Boy’ Ahn Se-ha can be seen on SBS’ ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams’, which airs at 10:10 pm on Monday the 8th.

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