Selfie with ‘full gums’ with a North Korean soldier… What is the identity of this British woman who freely roams the DMZ? – Chosun Ilbo VRESP TODAY

A North Korean soldier is looking at the camera with a wide smile. /Joy YouTube

A British woman named Zoe has been belatedly gaining attention by posting numerous posts about her daily life in North Korea on social media. Some are suspicious that the North Korean authorities may have intentionally hired her for publicity purposes, just as a Russian beauty recently uploaded photos of herself enjoying sightseeing, such as skiing in North Korea.

Looking at Joy’s Instagram on the 20th, most of the approximately 750 posts posted since 2018 are photos and videos taken in North Korea. Looking at this, Joy toured all of Pyongyang’s department stores, beer factories, and restaurants. There is also a video showing daily life, such as a North Korean father dressing his daughter.

On Joy’s YouTube, there is also a video of him walking through the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) with a North Korean soldier. This video, uploaded on February 20, 2021, currently has over 1.43 million views.

In particular, a selfie taken here with a North Korean soldier with a slight smile caught my eye. This is in contrast to the rigid expressions of North Korean soldiers usually shown in the media. This photo is currently set as Joy’s profile photo. Regarding this, Joy said, “Many people commented, ‘It was the first time they saw a North Korean soldier smile.’” “I wanted to exclude political noise and remind them of the ordinary daily lives of people in this country, such as laughing and crying.”

Joy is filming and uploading North Korea-related content videos, including her visit to the North Korean DMZ. /youtube

Joy’s social media account belatedly became a hot topic when it was introduced to some media outlets, including Japan’s ANN and FNN, early this month. However, Japanese media believed that the social media activities of foreigners like Joy with North Korean content had a high possibility of propaganda.

In an article titled ‘What is the purpose of the British woman who promotes North Korea’s daily life on social media?’, ANN said, “Joey denies any relationship with the North Korean authorities, saying, ‘I just want to eliminate prejudice against North Korea,’ but experts say it is a propaganda tool.” “It also points out the possibility,” the report reported. Byeon Jin-il, editor-in-chief of Japan’s Korean Peninsula magazine ‘Korea Report’, told the media, “If a third party, such as a foreign influencer, propagates in this form, credibility increases,” adding, “North Korea basically cannot take pictures of its soldiers at will.”

FNN also quoted an interview with Professor Lee Sang-cheol of Japan’s Ryukoku University in a broadcast titled ‘The Mysterious British Woman Promoting North Korea’ and said, “It is 100% impossible without the support and cooperation of the North Korean authorities.”

Russian influencer Victoria. /The Sun

Meanwhile, this is not the first time a foreign woman posted a video of herself walking around North Korea on social media. Last January, a Russian influencer attracted attention by revealing images of herself skiing and receiving a spa treatment at a North Korean ski resort. This woman, like Joy, also wandered around Pyongyang.

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