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(OSEN=Reporter Jang Woo-young) Announcer Yoo Young-jae, who was embroiled in controversy over common-law marriage and triple marriage after divorcing actress Seonwoo Eun-sook, will step down from his position as DJ.

Yoo Young-jae will be hosting his final appearance on Gyeongin Broadcasting’s ‘Yoo Young-jae’s Radio Show’, which will air today (21st). The broadcast on this day will be recorded, and the final farewell to the listeners will be exchanged live on the 19th.

Gyeongin Broadcasting said on the 18th, “Yoo Young-jae said in a meeting with the Gyeongin Broadcasting program manager, ‘I decided to voluntarily withdraw from the broadcast because I feel like I am putting a burden on Gyeongin Broadcasting due to privacy issues.’” Yoo Young-jae said, “Regardless of the facts surrounding the allegations, it has become difficult to continue broadcasting. “We are grateful to the listeners who have supported us so far.”

On the 5th, Yoo Young-jae announced that he and Seonwoo Eun-sook had recently divorced by agreement due to personality differences, but following the divorce news, they became embroiled in controversies such as common-law marriage and third marriage. One YouTuber claimed that Yoo Young-jae lived with a woman, A, in an officetel before marrying Seon-woo Eun-sook, and that Yoo Young-jae registered his marriage with Seon-woo Eun-sook while A was away from home for 2-3 weeks due to personal matters, and that Yoo Young-jae and his first ex-wife Suspicion of a third marriage was also raised that she remarried a golf player after her divorce.

Accordingly, in ‘Dongchimi’, Seonwoo Eunsuk says that many people say that she is a Samhon, but that is correct. I was his third wife. “Legally, she is supposed to be his third wife,” she said. “The reason I kept quiet while reading the article was because I thought, ‘Isn’t it right to just take it like this until the end?’ However, I brought up this story because I wanted to maintain the minimum courtesy to the viewers who worried about me and encouraged me,” she explained.

While Seonwoo Eunsook revealed that it was true that they were in a common-law marriage and a triangular marriage, Yoo Youngjae did not reveal his position and continued his broadcasting activities. He only shared meaningful words surrounding his situation on ‘Yoo Young-jae’s Radio Show’, but did not directly reveal his feelings about divorce or controversies such as common-law marriage and triple marriage.

Also, on his YouTube channel live, he said, “Everything is my fault. It’s because I’m not good at it, and it’s my fault for not being disciplined yet. Of course, I am going through a difficult and painful time. The other person is probably going through a very difficult and arduous time. “I hope you take good care of your health and create good and happy things in the future,” he said.

In a live broadcast on the 19th, Yoo Young-jae said, “Meetings must be started politely, and breakups must be done formally, sincerely, and with sincerity since we do not know how we will meet again in the future. “I want to say goodbye to you all like that,” he said. “I also said goodbye to you when I was at C Broadcasting Company and S Broadcasting Company. It would have been nice if our relationship blossomed into a good relationship until the end, but I think this is also my karma.”

In particular, Yoo Young-jae said, “There are some flaws that have occurred due to various incidents, and I am very sorry to you all for that and I am personally offended. “I think one day, as time passes, I will say what I have to say,” he said. When a listener said, “It sounds like an excuse,” he said, “I have never made an excuse with my mouth. I chose silence. “There are reasons why I need to share my private life with you, and there are many stories, but I asked you to ‘read between the lines in silence,’” he said.

Meanwhile, Yoo Young-jae is leaving ‘Yoo Young-jae’s Radio Show’, but plans to host live shows every Tuesday and Wednesday on his YouTube channel.

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