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It has been reported that actress Seonwoo Eun-sook (65) and announcer Yoo Young-jae (61) divorced by trial rather than by agreement.

In a video released by the YouTube channel ‘All That Star’ on the 7th, Munhwa Ilbo reporter Ahn Jin-yong revealed the story behind the divorce of Seonwoo Eun-sook and Yoo Young-jae.

Reporter Ahn said, “This year, six celebrity couples have already reported divorce. Other celebrities have reported that they are in litigation or have broken up their marriages, even before the divorce is finalized. These two (Seonwoo Eun-sook and Yoo Young-jae) are everyone’s favorite.” “It became known after it was completed,” he said. She added, “The agency also found out about the divorce after reports of the divorce came out on April 5. Even though Sunwoo Eun-sook has her own agency, she did not announce the fact of the divorce during the divorce process.”

Reporter Ahn explained, “There are two main types of divorce: divorce by agreement and divorce by trial.” She added, “Strictly speaking, Seonwoo Eunsuk and Yoo Youngjae are not divorced by agreement. They received mediation from the court among the divorces at trial.” Court mediation is a method of resolving problems that arise by collecting and taking into account the opinions of the parties, separate from litigation.

In divorce by agreement, the court must directly confirm the parties’ intention to divorce. The couple must file an application for divorce by mutual consent in the family court, and after the deliberation period has elapsed, they must appear at the court on a designated date and finally declare their intention to divorce. On the other hand, when applying for mediation to the court, divorce proceedings can be carried out through representatives without the parties attending.

Reporter Ahn said, “Before going to trial, a mediation procedure is usually followed. If mediation fails here, mediation begins. As a result, in my opinion, it appears that mediation was chosen by choice.” Regarding the background to why Seonwoo Eunsuk and Yoo Youngjae chose to divorce at trial, Reporter Ahn pointed out, “If there was to be a divorce by agreement, two people with known faces would have to have appeared in court together. Rumors would have spread right away.” “There’s a good chance that it would have been rumored in some way. It would have been known before they ended, and the divorce would have been broadcast like any other celebrity going through the divorce process right now,” she said.

“The two appeared in several entertainment shows together, and there must have been difficulties such as discarding existing films. The two went through a trial divorce rather than a divorce through mutual consent so that they could proceed quietly until all procedures were completed, and then through mediation. “It was concluded at this stage. That’s why we didn’t go to trial. However, we went through the divorce process through trial,” he explained.

Regarding the reason why the mediation ended quickly, Reporter Ahn said, “The period of remarriage was short. There was no particular dispute over division of property. In the end, a judicial divorce is not a fight about how to distribute property. “It can only be a choice made to finalize the divorce quickly.”

Meanwhile, Seonwoo Eunsook announced her divorce from Yoo Youngjae through her agency, Star It Entertainment, on the 5th. In October 2022, it has been just over a year and six months since she remarried. At that time, Seonwoo Eunsuk registered her marriage with Yoo Youngjae by building faith and trust based on the commonality of being a Christian believer, but in less than two years, she became a man.

Seonwoo Eun-sook debuted as a KBS special talent in 1978. In 1981, she married actress Lee Young-ha (74), and they divorced in 2007 after 26 years. She said at the time that she and Seonwoo Eun-sook held a press conference in which she said, “She did not break up from a bad relationship,” and that “there is a possibility that they will reunite in the future.” In 2020, she appeared with Lee Young-ha on the TV Chosun entertainment show ‘We Got Divorced’ and discussed reuniting. She has two sons.

Yoo Young-jae joined CBS as an announcer in 1990 and was in charge of the radio program ‘Into Yoo Young-jae’s Songs’ (2000-2012). Afterwards, he hosted SBS Love FM’s ‘Yoo Young-jae’s Song Show’ (2012-2019), and returned to Gyeongin Broadcasting’s ‘Yoo Young-jae’s Radio Show’ in 2022 after three years. He serves as CEO of YJ Productions.

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