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Seorincni (CEO: Jeon Deok-gyu, a company specializing in the import and distribution of major computer-related components, is holding a free gift event for buyers of ESSENCORE Limited’s KLEVV high-performance memory products.

▲ Banner for a free gift event for buyers of Cleve-designated products

This event, in which a high-quality tumbler with the Cleve logo engraved as a free gift, is limited to the white models of the CRAS series that support RGB LEDs such as CRAS V RGB and CRAS XR5. In the case of comprehensive computer-related shopping malls such as Compuzone, Ikoda, and Computer Korea, free gifts are applied to the purchase of individual Crass White models, and in the case of system build specialty stores such as Yangcom, Oversystem, Pampc Shop, and YJMOD, Crass White is available. It is eligible for a free gift when purchasing a finished PC using the model. The event period will continue until all prize tumblers are sold out, without any special designation.

The official name of the Crass V RGB White model is ‘Brilliant White’, and it is a product with two-tone colors with subtle differences in brightness applied to the top and bottom of the heat sink. This heat sink is made of high-quality aluminum material and is 2mm thick, so it has high thermal conductivity and heat dissipation effect. Here, a space is applied to allow the lighting of the RGB LED bar to pass through to the product name lettering in the center, adding a point to the exterior.

The Cleve Kras XR5 has a black label with various lettering engraved on it in the form of a band below the RGB area at the top, making the white color, the basic color of the heatsink, stand out. Here, a perforated-like groove is expressed on the side of the heat sink, which not only adds to the appearance but also has a functional design that expands the surface area so that the heat sink can quickly absorb and discharge heat generated from the memory.

▲ The products subject to the event are Crass V RGB and Crass XR5.

Both the Crass V RGB White model and the Crass XR5 series are equipped with a 10-layer PCB. This provides high durability of the product through heat blocking ability as well as signal integrity that minimizes noise during data transmission, and provides compatibility across Intel and AMD platforms through IC memory selected through thorough testing. do.

In addition, the features of the DDR5 platform with a built-in PMIC (Power Management Integrate Circuit) support efficient power management, and the self-error correction function through on-die ECC (On-Die Error Correction Code) also supports a stable system environment.

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