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- Hideo Kojima, CEO of Kojima Productions (left) and Kim Hyeong-tae, CEO of Shift Up
– Hideo Kojima, CEO of Kojima Productions (left) and Kim Hyeong-tae, CEO of Shift Up

Fans’ attention was focused on the news that Kim Hyeong-tae, CEO of Shift Up, who is in charge of the development of the new game ‘Stella Blade’, which is recently attracting attention from gamers around the world, met with Japanese game development master Hideo Kojima, CEO of Kojima Productions.

Hideo Kojima is widely known as the father of the Metal Gear series. As a director at Konami, he developed numerous Metal Gear series, including Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid, and Metal Gear Acid, which became popular with gamers around the world. Afterwards, he left Konami and founded his own game production company called Kojima Productions.

The start at Kojima Productions was successful. With his first work, ‘Death Stranding’, he properly engraved his name on gamers by providing shocking experiences and fun. He is hard at work developing his next project after Death Stranding. His currently known works include Death Stranding 2 and OD.

On the 4th, Hideo Kojima boasted on his SNS, “CEO Kim’s signature was engraved on our bulletin board,” and shared a photo taken with Stella Blade Kim Hyeong-tae.

The exact reason why CEO Kim visited Kojima Productions is not known. Just as Smilegate director Geum Kang-seon met with famous directors such as Naoki Yoshida and Square Enix P/D to share their experiences, the purpose is to share the experiences and know-how of famous global game directors as Stella Blade has attracted attention from gamers around the world. It is assumed that

Fans who heard the news said, “From what I see, Kojima is a fan of Nike,” “I hope Stella Blade is as good as Death Stranding,” “Stella Blade is already a GOTY for gamers in 2024 with Eve’s design,” and “Kojima Productions.” They expressed various opinions, such as “I envy CEO Kim who had the honor of leaving his autograph” and “I hope CEO Kim Hyung-tae grows into a world-class director.”

Meanwhile, Stella Blade, the first console work by CEO Kim Hyung-tae and Shift Up developers, will be officially released exclusively on PlayStation 5 on April 26.

This game depicts the journey of Eve, a warrior who came down from a colony outside of Earth to defeat the Natives, the enemies of humanity who suddenly appeared on Earth one day. The Native appears to attack humanity following the will of high-ranking beings consisting of Elders and Alphas, but no one knows their exact origins.

The main character, Eve, meets Adam, a survivor of the destroyed Earth, and Lily, a former airborne unit member. They will join forces to fight against the Natives, and at the same time, Eve and the others will take on various missions for the citizens living in Zion, the last city left for humanity.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, which distributes Stella Blade, will hold an offline event simultaneously with the launch for Stella Blade fans.

The Stella Blade launching event, scheduled to be held from April 26 to May 6 at IFC Mall North Atrium, 10 Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, will feature a variety of activities such as CEO Kim Hyeong-tae’s autograph session, Stella Blade-related meetings, game experience, capsule drawing machine, photo zone, etc. You can experience.

In particular, the interest of gamers was piqued by the news that the official soundtrack vinyl and USB memory stick, which were provided as a limited benefit for pre-ordering the disk version on March 1, can also be found through a capsule drawing machine.

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