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Shim Hyun-seop, ‘So Baek-nam (The Man Who Had 100 Blind Dates)’, who failed his 101st blind date, is trying blind dates again.

In TV CHOSUN’s ‘Joseon’s Lover’, which will be broadcast on the 8th, Shim Hyun-seop and ‘Aunt Shim’ Shim Hye-jin will be seen visiting a marriage information company together.

On this day’s broadcast, Shim Hye-jin visited a marriage information company together to marry her nephew Shim Hyeon-seop, and before starting full-scale consultation, Shim Hyeon-seop filled out an application for membership. Shim Hyun-seop looked very nervous and began to write down her date of birth with sincerity.

The counselor asked Shim Hyun-seop, “Please write down roughly how much your real estate assets are,” and Hwang Bo-ra, who was watching, was surprised and said, “It’s so detailed.” As Shim Hyun-seop was lost in thought, Shim Hye-jin aroused her curiosity by saying, “From what I’ve seen, it’s at least OO billion. Because there’s an island and land.” However, Shim Hyun-seop was embarrassed and said, “I have land, but it is my land when the tide is high and it disappears when the tide is low.”

In response, Kim Gook-jin added a spoonful of sentiment, saying, “To put it nicely, it means, ‘I have both the land and the sea.’” Then Hwang Bo-ra was amazed and said, “This is the first time I’ve seen someone who has an ocean.” Choi Seong-guk also admired Shim Hyeon-seop’s extraordinary assets, saying, “This is my first time hearing ‘There is My Ocean’.”

‘Joseon’s Lover’ will air on the 8th at 10 PM.

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