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Shin Dong-yeop and Lee So-ra, who broke up 23 years ago, reunited for the second time in Season 5 of ‘SNL Korea’. Following ‘Superma?R Sora’, a two-shot was released once again in 4 months, showing a coolness that surpasses that of Hollywood.

Sora Lee appeared as the host for the 6th episode of Season 5 of the Coupang Play comedy show ‘SNL Korea’, which was released on the 6th.

Lee So-ra appeared alone at the opening with a confident model walk and declared with an emotional expression that she would show herself as she is. She then told Shin Dong-yup, who appeared, that Lee So-ra said, “I kept my promise,” and Shin Dong-yeop raised expectations by saying, “I am grateful that Lee So-ra, who is a page of my life, accepted the invitation. This is only possible on SNL.”

Lee So-ra poured out a variety of comedic performances with honesty and confidence, as if she had been waiting for the SNL stage for a long time. She has appeared in various corners such as ‘Zen ZI Pocha’, ‘Dating App Just Me’, ‘Girl Girl’, and ‘Oriental TV Entertainment’, and she has appeared in a variety of roles, from a new appearance such as a 19-year-old gag, a woman with the highest level of old-fashioned power, to a former model, He even performed familiar and memorable characters, such as the MC of a popular entertainment program, without hesitation. She also drew a great response by showing a thrilling and thrilling corner with her ex-boyfriend Shin Dong-yeop.

Lee So-ra said, “Shin Dong-yup, who has been on SNL for over 10 years, is amazing. I would like to thank the crew and production staff for giving me a special time, and I will remember the audience who were with me for the rest of my life,” and shared her gratitude and the afterglow of the stage.

Previously, the two reunited for the first time on the web entertainment show ‘Superma?R Sora’ in December last year and attracted a lot of attention.

It was unimaginable that a celebrity couple who broke up in a Confucian country could meet on a variety show. There could have been a lot of backlash, but Shin Dong-yeop and Lee So-ra’s sincere and considerate attitude to each other was highlighted, and cheering comments poured in.

In particular, the reunion of the two was possible because of the fan support and understanding of producer Seon Hye-yoon, ‘Shin Dong-yeop’s wife’. Even though it has been more than 23 years since we broke up, it would have been realistically impossible if my current wife had been uncomfortable or unwilling at all.

Shin Dong-yeop and Lee So-ra started dating publicly in 1997 and broke up in 2001. Afterwards, Shin Dong-yeop married MBC’s beautiful producer Seon Hye-yoon, and they have one son and one daughter.

At the time, Shin Dong-yeop said on ‘Superma? R Sora’, “When I told people I was leaving, people asked, ‘Is your wife okay?’ “You’ve been saying this a lot. People say, ‘Hey, I’m a really big person,’ but that’s not true. My wife is a huge fan of yours.”

He continued, “When I was young, I saw you as a supermodel and thought, ‘Huh? How can there be a girl like that in our country?’ and thought you were really cool. After a while, when you said you were dating me, you said, ‘What kind of charm does Shin Dong-yeop have?’ and he liked me even more. “I thought it was good,” he said. Lee So-ra made everyone laugh by admitting, “Yes, I heard you benefited a lot from me.”

In the entertainment industry, which is noisy due to romantic relationships and divorces, Shin Dong-yeop and Lee So-ra’s actions show the appearance of mature adults, and at the same time, PD Seon Hye-yoon’s coolness is surprising.

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(Photo) OSEN DB, ‘Superma?R Sora’ screen capture, provided by Coupang Play

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