Shin Dong-yup meets ‘ex-lover’ Lee So-ra again "Decorate a page of my life" (SNL) – iMBC Entertainment VRESP

Supermodel-turned-broadcaster Lee So-ra appeared as the host of ‘SNL Korea’.

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In season 5 of the Coupang Play comedy show ‘SNL Korea’, which was released on the afternoon of the 6th (Saturday), Lee So-ra appeared as a host for the 6th episode and showed off her comedic instincts.

On this day, Lee So-ra appeared on the opening stage and said, “They made an older woman like me rehearse for 12 hours. So I was hit by the passage of time.” She continued by saying, “I was bright in the morning, but this is me now. I will show you my true self today.”

In addition, he said, “I am a long-time fan of SNL. It took a long time to be here. I would like to thank Shin Dong-yeop for inviting me.” At this time, Shin Dong-yeop went on stage and greeted So-ra Lee by bumping his palms. Shin Dong-yeop expressed his gratitude to Lee So-ra, saying, “I never thought she would keep her promise like this. She was a friend who decorated a page of my life.”

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Afterwards, Lee So-ra acted in the ‘Younger Male Professional Golf Instructor’ segment by engaging in skinship with members. Shin Dong-yup, who appeared as a delivery driver, also tried to learn golf, but Lee So-ra stopped him, saying, “You can’t do that.” Shin Dong-yeop said, “Why don’t you teach me?” and then gave up, saying, “Now that I think about it, I don’t think I can do it,” making everyone laugh.

In addition, Lee So-ra was in charge of hosting ‘Love Broadcast’, a parody of ‘Entertainment Weekly’ in the past. At that time, news of Shin Dong-yup’s marriage was announced. Shin Dong-yeop said to Lee So-ra at the wedding, “Let’s meet on ‘SNL’ in 18 years.” She was Lee So, and she got up from her seat and approached Shin Dong-yeop directly to shake his hand in congratulations.

After completing all the corners, Shin Dong-yeop thanked So-ra Lee for appearing, saying, “It was truly a dream-like thing. It was 10 years ago when I first called So-ra Lee to ask her to appear.” Last December, when Shin Dong-yeop appeared on Lee So-ra’s YouTube channel, Lee So-ra also agreed to appear on ‘SNL Korea.’

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Lee So-ra expressed her gratitude to Shin Dong-yup and the crew and expressed her admiration, saying, “I saw you working from morning until now. I really respect Shin Dong-yup.” Shin Dong-yeop said, “Once again, I would like to thank Ms. Lee So-ra, company officials, and everyone involved personally,” and made everyone laugh by mentioning his wife, PD Seon Hye-yoon.

Meanwhile, Lee So-ra and Shin Dong-yup began dating in 1995 and continued to date until 2001. The two recently reunited on a YouTube channel after 23 years and became a hot topic.

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